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Colored contact lenses for Halloween can injure your eyes, FDA warns

Whether your going trick-or-treating or intend on creating some eye effects for your horror film, you may want to take caution when using colored contact lenses. Does your Halloween costume include decorative contact lenses? If so, the Food and Drug Administration has a warning for you: Make sure you get a prescription from an optometrist or other eye care Read MoreRead More

Not Just CGI: The Incredible Tech of Horror-Movie Monsters

Stephanie Pappas explores some of the real life makeup technologies such as 3D printing are impacting the creation of horror movie monsters outside the computer. His eyes were black as night, his teeth jagged, his nostrils unnaturally large. It’s said that when movie audiences first saw him, they fainted in fright. Lon Chaney’s 1925 portrayal Read MoreRead More

It’s Just Paint – A Red 6K Test Video Worth Watching

Phil Holland shot this test video using Red’s Dragon sensor of a woman getting reptile makeup applied – continuing their tradition of making test videos that are actually interesting to watch for non-technical reasons. You can check out a 4K version on YouTube for extra pixel peeping.Read More

Making Adam Savage’s Admiral Ackbar Cosplay Costume

Every year at Comic-Con, Adam Savage walks through the convention floor disguised in costume. This year, he went as a very uniquely regal version of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars. In Adam’s Cave before SDCC, we examine the Ackbar mask before it’s completed and explain its design, creation, and conversion into a wearable piece of Read MoreRead More

Tips For Getting Better Skin in Camera

Post production tools have come a long way to helping you achieve better skin, but they add another step in the post-production time line. Here’s a few tips on how to achieve better looking skin on set and in camera. Most skin imperfections can be “fixed” before shooting by applying make up. This seems very Read MoreRead More

Interview with Oscar Winning Makeup artist and Master Character Creator Bill Corso

This Monster Maker Interview features Bill Corso, an effects artist and creature designer who knew from an early age, pouring over magazines like FAMOUS MONSTERS and FANGORIA that makeup effects were his passion. He dedicated his education to learning makeup, a path that paid off with small jobs that led to bigger jobs and so Read MoreRead More

Making the World of Les Miserables

Les Miserables is one of Broadway’s most celebrated musicals. So how do you turn a beloved stage production that has seen countless professional and amateur designs to the big screen? Here are four featurettes showing off the hard work of the designers in adapting the musical for screen. Production Design Hair and Make Up Costume Design Read MoreRead More

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