Who needs a Mac Pro when you can just paint a Trashcan

Ingenious Hackintosh builders stuffed the computer components in a trashcan and painted it candy apple red. What more could you ask for? The hardware inside: Core i3 (Haswell) Gigabyte z87n wifi Radeon 7750 SDD & HDD ATX PSU And some glorious photos of the mod (for more check out the forum post). The Authentics Lunar white trash Read MoreRead More

Build a Mountain Lion Hackintosh w/ Thunderbolt That’s Faster Than a Mac Pro — for Half the Price

Want to take that Build it Yourself mentality of PCs to the world of Apple? Ryan Koo of No Film School shows you how to build your own Hackintosh for a fraction of the cost of a Mac pro. Apple OS X Mountain Lion came out this summer and it supports the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors Read MoreRead More