Greg Williams

Photographer Greg Williams on How He Photographed Kate Winslet

Celebrity portrait photographer Greg Williams explains the process of how he got this shot of actress Kate Winslet. This was shot for Madame Figaro. You see Kate shot through a doorframe, visible at the top and right-hand side. What we call a dirty foreground. The house we used has glass floors which we’re below. I love Read MoreRead More

Battle of the High Resolution Vixens: Megan Fox v. Kate Beckinsale

Back in May, to the delight of drooling fan boys, Esquire magazine presented Megan Fox as shot by Greg Williams in 3k on a RED ONE camera. It was the first time Esquire’s cover was shot using a video camera. But not to be outdone, Greg Williams is back in October with Kate Beckinsale – Read MoreRead More