Francis Ford Coppola: There Should Only Be One ‘Godfather’

Francis Ford Coppola tells MTV News he doesn’t believe in sequels. MTV: Does Paramount ever come calling asking you about a “Godfather” sequel? Coppola: No, I think people have realized that “The Godfather” was never sequel material. I’ve always maintained there should have been one “Godfather,” though I’m proud of the second one, and I Read MoreRead More

GTA IV Famous Movie Scenes Remade

This is a compilation of famous scenes from some popular movies remade in GTA IV. Scenes include: Godfather – Tollbooth Scene (Sonny’s Murder) Goodfellas – “Then He Kissed Me” scene Reservoir Dogs – Mexican Standoff scene I Am Legend – Neville vs. Fred American History X – Opening Scene Fight Club – Ending SceneRead More