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Five Steps To Pitching Success

Jacob Krueger presents 5 steps to getting your script off the ground and into producers’ hands. Step 1:  Target The Right Producers It’s astounding how many writers disregard this vital principal—and I’m not just talking about emerging writers.  I’m talking about professional writers, with fancy agents and big mortgages. In fact, Hollywood is clogged like Read MoreRead More

How to Succeed in Screenwriting Without Even Trying

Susan Kouguell explains how to increase the chances getting your screenplay actually read. Now that I’ve caught your attention with a spin on this infamous Broadway musical title — I must make a confession.  This title is wishful thinking.   How to succeed in the screenwriting world is not all about trying. It’s so much more Read MoreRead More

Building the World of Your Screenplay: Your First 10 Pages

Daniel Manus discusses the first ten all important pages of your screenplay. As religious lore has it, God took 6 days to build the world… You have 10 pages. You’ve all heard the horror stories of producers who only read the first 10 or 20 pages, and if they’re not hooked, intrigued and impressed, they Read MoreRead More

The Hollywood Deal – Common Terms for Writers and Directors

Genevieve Jolliffe outlines some of terms a writer or director would expect when working on a Hollywood Studio film. If you are hired to write (whether this is your own idea or someone else’s) you will get paid your writing fee in steps. THE TYPICAL DEAL is two drafts and a polish (three steps). Each Read MoreRead More

Michael Arndt: from Nothing to an Indie Hit with Little Miss Sunshine

In 2000, screenwriter Michael Arndt had no credits, no agents, no publishing history when he took a year off to write “a saleable script” that got him an agent and a deal and, five years after that, one of the big hits of 2006. A new book, Little Miss Sunshine: The Shooting Script, details the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of the indie runaway hit with an introduction, afterword, and enlightening scene notes from Arndt. Read More

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