Francois Truffaut

The Origins of Auteur Theory | A Filmmaker IQ Lesson!!!

Auteur – it’s a favorite term of cinephiles around the world. But what exactly is Auteur Theory? In this Filmmaker IQ course we peel back pages of time and explore the origins of Auteur Theory from the economically tumultuous adolescence of French Cinema to the culture war waged in the columns of competing American movie Read MoreRead More

The Complete Hitchcock and Truffaut Audio Interview

Film Detail discovered this 12-hour audio file of the legendary interview between Francois Truffaut and Alfred Hitchcock, possibly the greatest filmmaker interview ever done. Here is a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on two cinematic masters from very different backgrounds as they cover each of Hitch’s films in succession.Read More

A Seminar with Steven Spielberg… from 1978

Going all the way back before “Minority Report”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Schindler’s List”, “Jurrasic Park” and even before “Indiana Jones”… Here is a young Spielberg in 1978 at an AFI’s seminar fresh from three major features, “The Sugarland Express” (1974), “Jaws” (1975), and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977).Read More

Francois Truffaut: Encountering Directors

by Charles Thomas Samuels “Encountering Directors” Paris, September 1 and 3, 1970 The image presented when Francois Truffaut played the principle role in The Wild Child—that of a short, compactly built, but expressionless and ordinary-looking young man in his late thirties—leaves out his most striking features: a smile no less charming than his most charming Read MoreRead More