Getting Started With Camera Drones: How One Small Rig Can Add So Much Production Value

Mike Wilkinson shadows Brent Foster, asking questions about how to get started in the exploding world of drone aerial photography. Aerial videos that have been shot by drones have been flooding YouTube for the last few years, especially as the cost and expertise needed to get into it has come down. A birds-eye point of Read MoreRead More

John Gatins Talks about Recovery, Heroism and the Oscar nomination for “Flight”

Fandor’s Sean Axmaker talks to John Gatins about his journey to penning the screenplay for Flight. You could say that Flight is new territory for John Gatins. Before he finally got the film off the ground, a journey that took twelve years from his first draft to principle photography, he was a specialist in scripting such sport-centric stories as Hard Read MoreRead More

The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Screenwriter John Gatins on Flight

John Gatins tells the story of developing the “Gaunt Young Man” character – an oracle at Delphi character that Denzel Washington’s Whip Whitaker meets in a stairwell at a hospital. There’s a scene in the stairwell at the hospital where this gaunt young man appears — the character’s name is actually Gaunt Young Man — Read MoreRead More

Denzel Washington: Never Let You Down

Gavin Bond looks at the Denzel Washington’s acting career and his ability to turn in honest and charismatic performances which is exemplified by his powerful performance in Robert Zimeckis’s Flight. “God help me,” mutters airline pilot “Whip” Whitaker at the climactic moment of truth in Robert Zemeckis’s Flight. Whip has been hailed as a hero for saving 96 “souls” Read MoreRead More

How the movie ‘Flight’ got off the ground

With Hollywood’s avoidance of morally ambiguous dramas, the film about a plane crash had stalled. But then Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis came onboard. As an experienced pilot who has logged about 1,600 hours in the cockpit, director Robert Zemeckis understands stalls, turbulence and dead stick landings. But when it came to making “Flight,” his new movie Read MoreRead More