A Brief History of the Camera Flash, From Explosive Powder to LED Lights

  Since the first days of photography, a little extra light was needed to get a proper exposure – check out these different strategies used to illuminate the subject, if only for a brief second. The first known photograph was captured in 1826 when light reacted with a particular type of asphalt known as Bitumen of Judea. Read MoreRead More

Creating Super Speed like The Flash in After Effects in 5 Minutes

Bammo’s 5 Minute FX Guy shows you how to apply the echo effect in After Effects, how to create light trails using tracking, how to adjust directions of your blur in After Effects, how to add color and glow effects in After Effects, how to create masks, and how to duplicate your shots in After Effects.Read More

DIY Photography Hacks: make a foam flash diffuser to soften portraits

Here’s an absolutely ingenious DIY project for adding a soft bounce to your flash unit. Even though this is a project for photography, this should give you some ideas for creating other types of bounces and diffusers for continuous lighting setups for motion picture (just remember, they don’t call them “hot lights” for nothing so Read MoreRead More