DIY Sponge Filter Holder

If you’re willing to put your filters in the hands of a sponge – here’s an inexpensive way to hold filters on your DSLR. A few years ago, photographer Samuel Chapman of The Rocket Factory found himself with an annoying problem on his hands. After purchasing a number of neutral density filters for his DSLR, he found Read MoreRead More

MetaBones SpeedBooster Review – an Optical Reducer For Getting More Out of Your Smaller Sensor

EOS HD gives a hands on review of the MetaBones Speedbooster which effectively turns smaller sensors into full frame cameras by reducing the image as it enters the camera. The Metabones Speed Booster adapter brings the full frame look to Sony mirrorless APS-C and Super 35mm E-mount. (Indeed it will bring the Super 35mm look Read MoreRead More

4 Tips for Using a Polarizing Filter to Shoot the Perfect Sky

Using a polarizing filter in your landscape photography is a great way to darken skies and create images with real impact. These 4 tips for using a polarizing filter will help get you started right. Polarizing filters have a number of uses, but one of the most basic is to darken blue skies. This can Read MoreRead More

Canon’s Official Method of Removing a Stuck Filter

You ever get a filter stuck on a lens? Here’s the method for removing a stuck filter as Craig Pulsifer was instructed to use by Canon Professional Services. 1. Use hacksaw to cut rim of the filter down to the glass. 2. Use Ballpein hammer to strike filter glass in progressively hard taps until filter glass breaks. Read MoreRead More

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