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How to Deal With the PA Paradox

Being a Production Assistant is being at the bottom rung of the ladder – it’s easy to be labeled both over-eager and lacking motivation at the same time. Evan Luzi offers some tips on how to manage expectations when working your way up as a PA. It’s not easy being a production assistant (PA). You’re Read MoreRead More

Can You Pass Off as a Pro Photographer After a Week of Training?

Digital Rev takes an IT specialist with a passing interest in photography and gives him a week of training. Then they pit him up against a professional and with a veteran photographer asked to judge and pick out which is the professional. With the gear all being the same, will the judge be able to Read MoreRead More

THR’s Hollywood Agents Roundtable

Nowhere is gender disparity among Hollywood’s corporate ranks more painfully acute than inside the top talent agencies, where the percentage of women agents can dip as low as 15 and nary a female CEO can be found. Sure, women have made huge strides as network and studio chiefs (Exhibit A: the dozens of such execs Read MoreRead More

Watch Five Short Clips from Les Miserable

The hotly anticipated Tom Hooper-directed Les Miserable opens on Christmas Day 2012, but here’s a sneak peak at 5 scenes including the vocal talents of Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Samantha Barks, Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne. You may recall the big marketing hubbub about recording the vocals live - here’s our first chances to see how that’s working out. Personally, I think Read MoreRead More

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