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Ebb and Flow: Jonah Kessel on Commercial Video Fueling Editorial Possibilities

New York Times News Video Shooter Jonah Kessel discusses the ebb and flow between documentary and commercial work and how that has benefited his work. It was the moment that I got my first payment from a newspaper that I realized I would have to supplement my income as a freelancer with more commercially oriented work. Read MoreRead More

If you put people’s lives in danger for your film, You’re a Scumbag!!!

I recently had the displeasure of attending a panel discussion involving a rather rookie filmmaker who told what turned out to be a horrifying tale. When asked his favorite filmmaking moment, he regaled the story of trying to pull off a guerrilla shoot on Las Vegas Blvd. The audience laughed – imagine how hard it Read MoreRead More

Legally Speaking, It Depends: Detangling Web Series Production

Entertainment attorney Christopher Schiller provides a few tips for those wanting to break their chops on webseries production. I’ll admit there is a special appeal to creating your own web series. You might have a nice job writing for TV but are itching to explore new ideas outside of those constrictions. Or you have a Read MoreRead More

Chaos of “War of the Worlds” remembered 75 years later

CBS’s Jim Axelrod talks to William Herz, the last surviving member of Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater which terrorized the radio waves with their War of the Worlds Broadcast in 1938 At the age of 97, William Herz has a lifetime of memories to look back upon, but there’s one dating back 75 years that stands out. Read MoreRead More

What Constitutes a “Professional” Photographer?

Ming Thein tackles the question of professionalism in terms of photography with many principles that can translate into professional filmmaking world. One commonly asked (and commonly mis-answered) question on the Internet these days is around the definition of what constitutes a ‘professional photographer.’ The usual definition is that it is somebody who is shooting for Read MoreRead More

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