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Knock Knock. Password? 4K. Clear… Welcome to NAB 2013

Walking around the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center for this year’s NAB convention, it’s quickly becoming clear that the buzzword for 2013 is “4K”. From the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K to the Phantom Flex4K which shoots 4K at 1000 frames per second to Sony Proclaiming everything is 4K, you can’t get around the 4K Read MoreRead More

Top Ten Screenwriting Tips from British Dramatist John Yorke

John Yorke is a former head of drama for both the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. Here are his top 10 tips about story creation. The architecture of all stories is pretty much the same Take just one story: a dangerous monster threatens a community and one person takes it upon himself or Read MoreRead More

Funny or Die CEO Explains Business Model: ‘Be Nothing Like Kevin Costner’

Dick Glover explains the strategy he has moving ahead with the online comedy site, Funny or Die. In Hollywood circa 2007, as Funny or Die CEO Dick Glover described it, the cost of creating content was rising and social media was just starting to gain a foothold among consumers. In stepped a humor site that counted Will Ferrell and Adam Read MoreRead More

The Story of Charlie Chaplin’s Shadow

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery… Hollywood must be good at flattery. This is the story of Billy Ritchie who donned the bowler hat and the toothbrush moustache as Chaplin’s shadow. Billy Ritchie worked alongside Chaplin on the English Music Hall stage, performing as the drunk in the classic sketch, “Mumming Birds”, just as Chaplin Read MoreRead More

Are the Studios Stuck in a Creative Groove?

Pen Densham explores the forces behind the studio system – a need for financial security in sequels but also the unavoidable fact that audiences want films that are new, exciting and different. I first came to Hollywood as a young Oscar-nominated moviemaker from Toronto. I was very lucky; Norman Jewison mentored me here, and the Read MoreRead More

The Ten Best Simpsons Songs, As Picked by the Show’s Writers

The Simpsons’ Showrunner Al Jean gives the background of the 10 favorite Songs as picked by the writers of the perennial animated sitcom 10. “Capital City” from season two’s “Dancin’ Homer.” In this song by Jeff Martin, Tony Bennett extols the virtues of Springfield’s state capital, which includes the crosstown bridge, the Penny Loafer, and 4th Street Read MoreRead More

An Open Letter to New Photographers (and Directors)

Here are a few tips for the photographer coming from the other side of the lens. Dear (new-ish) Photographer, My name is Model. I would love it if when you shoot me you take these things into consideration to achieve the greatest effect for us both. – Male or female, give some playful banter. It Read MoreRead More

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