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American Doc: Five Tips for Nonfiction Filmmaker

Lauren Wissot compiles 5 tips for the documentary filmmaker. 1) Talking heads should be used as spice – not as the whole meal. Unless your protagonist is Slavoj Žižek or Speed Levitch-level entrancing, your characters’ spoken words are probably what’s most riveting. So show us images onscreen that are equally fascinating, that will add to those Read MoreRead More

Mastering the Art of The Dolly Zoom

Here’s an Introduction to the Dolly Zoom, including some of the concepts and principles that govern the visual effect as well as some practical tips on how to achieve the effect yourself. Film examples used in this course are “Vertigo”, “Jaws” and “Goodfellas” This video is part of the FIlmmakerIQ course: Mastering the Art of Read MoreRead More

Restoring Richard III: VistaVision to 4K

Martin Scorsese discusses how The Film Foundation went about restoring the 1955 adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III, starring Sir Laurence Olivier. In 1956, Laurence Olivier appeared as the deformed villainous king in Richard III by William Shakespeare in a production he also directed and produced. The idea of working on such a classic project with a prestigious actor must have Read MoreRead More

Orson Welles on How to Receive a Compliment and Artistic Freedom

From Orson Welles’ AFI Life Achievement Award in 1975. My father once told me that the art of receiving a compliment is, of all things, the sign of a civilized man. He died soon afterwards, leaving my education in this important matter sadly incomplete; I’m only glad that, on this, the occasion of the rarest compliment Read MoreRead More

Is Digital Democratization Of Content A Myth?

Has the digital revolution really leveled the playing field or is the ease of access only strengthened the and empowered those that already have the power? In the early 2000s, through books such as Lasica’sDarknet: Hollywood’s War against the Digital Generation (2005), we were led to believe that the power of the internet would free up content Read MoreRead More

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