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Busting Myths about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft

The FAA just released a public information piece on the regulation of unmanned aircraft – this would cover all the aerial vehicles used for aerial photography. Reprinted from this government website February 26–There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about unmanned aircraft system (UAS) regulations. Here are some common myths and the corresponding facts. Read MoreRead More

Selfies, Pizza and Promoting Brands at the Oscars

Stuart Elliot reports on the branding opportunity that has become of the Academy Awards. IN recent years, it appeared that the Academy Awards was becoming increasingly desirable as a marketing platform, perhaps even approaching the biggest day of the year for advertising, the Super Bowl. After the Oscars broadcast on ABC on Sunday night, that Read MoreRead More

Life After Pi – A Documentary on the Rhythm & Hues Studios

LIFE AFTER PI is a short documentary about Rhythm & Hues Studios, the L.A. based Visual Effects company that won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking work on “Life of Pi” — just two weeks after declaring bankruptcy. The film explores rapidly changing forces impacting the global VFX community and the Film Industry as a Read MoreRead More

LightSpin – a 360 Degree Light Painting Stop Motion Animation

Eric Paré presents LightSpin is an experimental photography art project that finds its source in a unique light painting technique. Performers are improvising contemporary dance movements at the center of a ring on which 24 cameras are mounted. Their brief dances are carried out in complete darkness, light being aimed at the subjects as to reveal Read MoreRead More

Charlie Rose Oscars Special Opener 2014

Al Boardman produced this opening sequence for the Charlie Rose ‘Oscars Special’ show, which aired on PBS on 27th February 2014. The sequence features 8 Oscar nominated films with actors and directors that had previously appeared on the Charlie Rose show. The 1 minute sequence shows a series of custom animated illustrations and transitions from the film Gravity, Read MoreRead More

The Misguided Detective Work of the CSI: Cinema Scene Investigators

Matt Singer argues that the endless hours dedicated to investigating the intangible mysteries like “What Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation” or “Is Deckard a Replicant” really miss the point of cinema. A few weeks ago, Bill Murray held an IAmA on Reddit to promoteThe Monuments Men. The topics ranged from the most fun Read MoreRead More

“Beat the Devil” Watch John Huston’s Noir Parody That Became “The First Camp Film” Ever Made (1953)

Available online is a 1953 Film Noir that borders more on camp and absurdity than hard boiled noir. What came out when John Huston, Humphrey Bogart, Gina Lollobrigida, Jennifer Jones, Peter Lorre, and Truman Capote collaborated? You wouldn’t expect a farcical, nearly improvised study in eccentricity, but here we have it. Beat the Devil, which you Read MoreRead More

Win $70,000 in Film Gear with the “My RØDE Reel” Short Film Contest

Audio Equipment Manufacturer RØDE is announcing their “My RØDE Reel” contest – an international short film competition with over $70,000 USD worth of gear and prizes. What do you have to do? Entrants to ‘My RØDE Reel’ are required to create a short film of five minutes or less, as well as a behind-the-scenes reel that features Read MoreRead More

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