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Introduction to Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) – New FilmmakerIQ Lesson!!

Check out our latest lesson and entry into our Audio Series sponsored by RØDE Microphones: Sometimes it’s just not possible to get clean dialogue on set – that’s when ADR comes into play. In this lesson we’ll look at the history of ADR or looping and tackle the process of doing ADR or a short Read MoreRead More

The Notorious History of Drunken Hollywood

Larry Getlen digs through Hollywood’s sordid history looking at some legendary Tinseltown drunks. By the early 1930s, Herman J. Mankiewicz was a screenwriting genius who had secretly helped construct classic films such as “Monkey Business” and “Duck Soup” by the Marx Brothers and “The Wizard of Oz.” He was also, according to a new book Read MoreRead More

The Bizarre True Story that Inspired ‘Dog Day Afternoon’

Al Pacino and Dog Day Afternoon made John Wojtowicz famous but as Larry Getlen writes, the filmmakers had little idea of just how crazy the man behind the robbery would turn out to be. In August 1972, John Wojtowicz, 27, a married Brooklyn man and Vietnam vet with a stream of gay lovers on the side, decided Read MoreRead More

Legally Speaking, It Depends: One Theme, Two Movies

How do two movies which share the similar themes compare when it comes to execution? Entertainment Lawyer Christopher Schiller explores how two movies can share ideas and be different. Changing things up, today’s column will look more at the business aspects of taking a film from pitch to film festivals and beyond and how similarity Read MoreRead More

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