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The Filmmaker IQ Greenscreen Contest

Here’s your chance to show off your chroma keying muscle… Filmmaker IQ is holding a Greenscreen contest. We shot this footage for our Chromakey course and we’re giving you the opportunity to recut it. Rules The rules are simple – we’re giving you seven greenscreen shots recorded for our course “History and Techniques of Modern Read MoreRead More

How Antonioni and Bergman utilized Aspect Ratios

After watching our lesson “The Changing Shape of Cinema” on aspect ratio, Tyler Lavoie visits Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’avventura and Ingmar Bergman’s Winter Light to see how both directors use aspect ratio as a visual queue in how the characters onscreen relate to one and another. Pacific Rim probably wouldn’t fare well in “Academy 1.37″, and Citizen Kane: IMAX Edition  might have been Read MoreRead More

Can Personality Trump Talent When Selecting Crew?

Your crew is who you’ll spend countless hours with – Vincent Laforet takes a look at the tactics for selecting the people you want to work with. The first lesson I learned in life with regards to this took place when I was 16 years old.  I was working at the Gamma Liason photo agency Read MoreRead More

The Drama Triangle & Difficult Personalities: How to Deal with Film Industry Quirkiness

Lydia Hurlbut discusses the drama triangle and how interpersonal relationships can play out behind the scenes. VILLAIN: If someone is in villain mode, think attack/defend. They are fighting, yelling, “raging against the machine.” Explosively reactive and constantly looking for a new target. No one is immune from their barrage of verbal and possibly physical abuse. VICTIM: It Read MoreRead More

Zooey Deschanel the Latest Musician to Impose Anti-Photo Policy

The “New Girl” Star is asking fans to put the cell phones away and focus on enjoying the concert. Zooey Deschanel is the latest performer to weigh in on concert etiquette, with signs posted at concerts by the actress/singer’s indie pop act She & Him asking fans to ditch their cameraphones and refrain from snapping photos. “At the Read MoreRead More

Will Netflix Become the Next Big Hollywood Studio?

With the success of ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘House of Cards,’ is the service poised to make feature-length films? No doubt you’ve heard plenty about the return of Arrested Development for a fourth season, this time on Netflix, which paid to resurrect the old Fox sitcom for 15 streaming-only episodes. It follows on the heels of Netflix’s successful Read MoreRead More

10 Cinematographers Who Turned Science Fiction Movies into Great Art

Charlie Jane Anders picks 10 cinematographers that have shaped the once b-movie genre of Science Fiction into new aesthetic heights. 1. Peter Suchitzky (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, all of David Cronenberg’s recent films, Mars Attacks!, Red Planet, After Earth) On lighting the Luke/Vader lightsaber fight: ” There was another set in which a Read MoreRead More

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