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How to Maximize Production Value on a Minuscule Budget

Filmmaker Joshua Caldwell made his feature film Layover for just $6000; he cast his friends, borrowed a Canon 5D, and now it’s competing for the New American Cinema award at SIFF, and he has decided to share what he has learned about maintaining high production value while keeping costs down.   At the beginning of Read MoreRead More

A Behind the Scenes Look at Making “The Price is Right”

Check out this behind the scenes look at the making of “The Price is Right” from how directors select camera angles to how producers select contestants.   The show’s producers have pulled away the curtain, though, by releasing a video showing all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a single episode. It’s a fascinating Read MoreRead More

The Cinematography of QT’s DP: Robert Richardson

This supercut features films lenses by long time Quentin Tarantino collaborator: Robert Richardson Movies: Salvador Platoon Bon on the Fourth of July The Doors JFK A Few Good Men Natural Born Killers Casino Snow Falling on Cedars Bringing out the Dead Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Kill Bill: Vol. 2 The Aviator Shine a Light Inglorious Read MoreRead More

Behind the Scenes of NatGeo’s “Wicked Tuna”

7 days of filming, 2 days for still photography, 9 locations, 6 camera units, 7 captains, 5 production support boats, 45 crew members…shooting with Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro, Sony F3…Techno Dolly, Cineflex (boat and helicopter), Underwater Phantom, 360 degree dolly track setup…all in all, one of the most involved, most complex Read MoreRead More

Early Weta Workshop designs for Godzilla

The team at fxguide spoke to key Weta Workshop artists about their design process for the famous creature. fxg: Can you talk about working with Gareth Edwards on this film? Richard Taylor (Design and Effects Supevisor, Weta Workshop): Gareth has really come through the madness of production and been able to focus on the daily Read MoreRead More

The Long Takes of “Louie”

Forrest Wickman examines some of the long takes peppered throughout the fourth season of one of the best shows on television: “Louie” When the first season of True Detective ended its fourth episode with a roughly six-minute action sequence shot in one long take, fans and critics were wowed. There were whole articles dedicated to Read MoreRead More

For Jennifer, Whomever You Are – Advice on How To Pursue Your Art

David duChemin shares his advice for budding photographers who ask his advice on their portfolio in this lovely article that applies equally to filmmakers. Thank you for the invitation to spend some time with your work. I know you meant for me to look at your work and give you advice based on that, but Read MoreRead More

How to Compose Bold Images: What (and What not) to Include in Your Photos

There’s nothing worse than spoiling a beautiful scene by composing your subject too small in the frame. In this quick tutorial we’ll show you how to compose images for maximum impact by avoiding unnecessary surroundings that don’t add to your shot. Our eyes and brain have the unique ability to hone in on small details Read MoreRead More

Maleficent and the Strange and Storied History of Fairy Tales

Trace back the history of Fairy Tales from their origins as European folk tales. Yet long before they were material for children’s movies, fairy tales have been drawn into debates on the nature of literature, cultural evolution and national identity. They’ve been subjected to Freudian analysis, Jungian interpretations, feminist readings, postmodern readings, poststructuralist readings, Marxist Read MoreRead More

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