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10 Forgotten Inventors Who Created Film As We Know It

  Dustin Koski lists 10 innovators of film that shaped the medium’s beginnings and forged the look of modern cinema. Daring movies delight audiences, so we applaud filmmakers who do new things with the medium. Despite this, and despite how fanatically some of us study movies, many of the people most responsible for today’s filmic Read MoreRead More

How to Wrap Cables with Duct Tape Without Getting Them Sticky

Duct tape usually devolves into a hot nasty mess and should be avoided… but sometimes it’s all you got – here’s a nifty trick of keeping that sticky off your cables when using duct tape to wrap your cables. Duct tape can often be a photographer’s best friend. Cable management can often be a nightmare. Read MoreRead More

The 7 Largest and Most Innovative Studio Soundstages in the World

SSN ranks the most innovative and ground-breaking soundstages in the world, from smallest to largest. Winner: Masterful Control of the Weather Largest Soundstage: 9,600 square feet Highlights: A quiet, quick shut-off A/C; ability to create forest fires; low rental cost; high school on site. SSN Insight: Although not massive, this soundstage makes our list for Read MoreRead More

Does Pop Culture Need To Be “Popular”? | Idea Channel

What is “Popular Culture”? Despite what the term may lead you to think, it is NOT just media that is numerically popular! Tom Waits most certainly is part of popular culture, regardless of his ZERO billboard hits. So what are the qualifications for “Pop Culture”? And where the heck does the internet come into play Read MoreRead More

10 Useful Apps for Your Crew

Check out these 10 useful apps for keeping track of your set. Pocket AC (Android)  Winner: Most Comprehensive Camera Department App Why Download? Depth of field calculator, digital runtime calculator, camera specs reference, film stocks reference, exposure, field of view calculator, focus chart, inset slate. and more. SSN Insight: Shockingly, there isn’t a version of Read MoreRead More

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