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“Beat the Devil” Watch John Huston’s Noir Parody That Became “The First Camp Film” Ever Made (1953)

Available online is a 1953 Film Noir that borders more on camp and absurdity than hard boiled noir. What came out when John Huston, Humphrey Bogart, Gina Lollobrigida, Jennifer Jones, Peter Lorre, and Truman Capote collaborated? You wouldn’t expect a farcical, nearly improvised study in eccentricity, but here we have it. Beat the Devil, which you Read MoreRead More

Win $70,000 in Film Gear with the “My RØDE Reel” Short Film Contest

Audio Equipment Manufacturer RØDE is announcing their “My RØDE Reel” contest – an international short film competition with over $70,000 USD worth of gear and prizes. What do you have to do? Entrants to ‘My RØDE Reel’ are required to create a short film of five minutes or less, as well as a behind-the-scenes reel that features Read MoreRead More

In Wake of Train Accident, Campaign Launched for On-Set Safety ‘Watchdog’

The death of a 27-year old Camera Assistant Sarah Jones due ton on set train accident is putting a spot light on set safety – a reminder that although we suffer for art, there is no reason for unsafe practices. A petition campaign has been launched to include Sarah Jones, the 27-year-old camera assistant killed in last week’s Read MoreRead More

America’s next Wal-Mart: The Indie Film Industry

Beanie Barnes argues that cheap labor and subsidies have created an unsustainable bubble and that we need fewer indie films, not more. The indie film industry is cannibalizing itself. Manohla Dargis is right – there are too many films in the ecosystem. And this oversupply didn’t just happen. John Sloss warned back in 2007 that the industry’s problem was Read MoreRead More

The Rules and Restrictions of Shooting at the Olympics

Jeff Cable gives us an inside look at the rules and restrictions of photographing the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Now that the 2014 Winter Olympics are over, I thought I would tell you all about some of the rules and restrictions we had here at the Games. People might think that we have freedom to Read MoreRead More

The Fall of the Roman Eye Candy

Dennis Harvey tracks the rise and fall of the muscled sword and sandal genre. This year alone we will see two big-budget Hercules movies, plus this spring’s 300 sequel and the ancient action-intrigue-then-volcano popcorn epic Pompeii. That’s a whole lot of musclebound Mediterranean men in togas throwing spears at each other—more than we’ve seen since Read MoreRead More

Who Directed the PSYCHO Shower Scene?

Vashi Nedomanski examines the shower scene from Psycho, comparing it to the storyboards by Saul Bass. Both Bass and Hitchcock claim to have directed this scene – compare the final shots and storyboard and decide for yourself. The collaboration between Saul Bass and Alfred Hitchcock started with the the famous title sequences for Vertigo and Read MoreRead More

McG’s Six Golden Rules of Moviemaking

Here are six bits of wisdom from Joseph McGinty Nichol, better known as McG, is the writer-director-producer behind some of this generation’s most popular franchises such as Supernatural, The O.C., and Chuck. 1. Make sure the actors know what they are signing up for. At the end of the day, they are the ones in front of Read MoreRead More

Private Snafu: The World War II Propaganda Cartoons Created by Dr. Seuss, Frank Capra & Mel Blanc

Check out this fascinating bit of World War II history in the American Cartoons that brought out a lot of 1940s animators such as Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, and Friz Freleng. Private Snafu was the U.S. Army’s worst soldier. He was sloppy, lazy and prone to shooting off his mouth to Nazi agents. And he was Read MoreRead More

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