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The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video – A NEW FILMMAKERIQ LESSON

We now turn our attention to the audio signal chain as John P. Hess defines the different components needed when recording on set for digital video. We are still working on the new iteration of FilmmakerIQ, but we wanted to get this third part of our Audio Series out to you. Great things are coming Read MoreRead More

Dear Aspiring Filmmaker, Here’s How To Get Our Attention

You’ve made a great movie – but how do you get the word out. One of the writers of Film School Rejects, Scott Beggs offers some advice on how to tap into movie discussion sites (including this one) without pissing off the people that run them. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, I’m one of the Read MoreRead More

Right-handed people sit to the right of the movie screen to optimise neural processing of the film

Japanese researcher Matia Okubo gave 200 students a grid showing seats available in a theater with the central seats shown as occupied with the screen at the top of the grid. In the experiment all the students were told the film had positive reviews, but half where also told that the story was sad and Read MoreRead More