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Filmmaker IQ – We’re Not Fucking Around Anymore

Let me be honest with you. Everything you thought you knew about discussing filmmaking online is bullshit. Tech and gear are fun to talk about, and we’ll certainly engage in a bit of consumerism masturbation – but it’s all worthless in the face of what really matters… story. Yeah you may nod your head in Read MoreRead More

Saul Bass – Main Title Documentary

Ironic that the titles and production value of this documentary are actually terrible, considering that Saul Bass is the most famous title sequence designer. Nonetheless it is a mesmerizing look at some of the best movie title sequences of all time, narrated by Bass himself.Read More

The Scorsese Machine (1990)

Labarthe filmed Martin Scorsese soon after the “scandal” of The Last Temptation of Christ had begun to die down. Not sure which approach to use for the film, Labarthe and his crew simply went to Scorsese’s office and began shooting him moving around, watching rushes, etc. At the end of the first day’s shoot, Scorsese Read MoreRead More

How Stanley Kubrick and Paul Mazursky Made Their First Film

Actor/director Paul Mazursky shares his memories of working on Stanley Kubrick’s first film, “Fear and Desire,” at “An Academy Salute to Stanley Kubrick” with host Malcolm McDowell on November 7, 2012 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Fear and Desire (1953)Read More

Your Brain Subconsciously Controls Blinking While Watching Movies

Each time you blink you loose 450 milliseconds of visual information, that’s 6 seconds every minute. This means during a 150-minute film your eyes are shut for up to 15 minutes. But don’t worry about missing anything important because your brain subconsciously controls the timing of blinks so you don’t miss the action. Even more Read MoreRead More

Rhubarb Rhubarb – A film where the characters just say one word: Rhubarb

Rhubarb Rhubarb is a 30 minute film made by Thames TV and transmitted in 1980. It is a re-make of Eric Sykes’ 1969 short film, Rhubarb. The word “rhubarb” is the only one uttered, many times over, in this film. (Likewise, the golf game takes place at the Royal Rhubarb golf course, and at one Read MoreRead More

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