George Eastman House Presents the History of Photography

The George Eastman House presents a 12 part series that covers the science of photography from the first experiments up to digital photography. Chapter 1 - Before Photography Chapter 2 - The Daguerreotype Chapter 3 - Talbot’s Processes Chapter 4 - The Cyanotype Chapter 5 - The Collodion Chapter 6 - The Albumen Print Chapter 7 - The Platinum Print Chapter 8 Read MoreRead More

The Art of Noise – Why Some People Think Film Looks Better than Digital

It just won’t go away, will it? However much you can prove with specifications that digital video is indisputably better than film, there’s a stubborn feeling that there’s more to it than the simple-to-prove facts. RedShark News indentifies one, subtle, process that helps film to store more visible information than digital. Recently we asked for Read MoreRead More

A Beginner’s Guide to Loading Film Cameras (& Why It’s Still Really Important)

Robert Hardy collects a series of videos and how to videos on how to load a film camera for a variety of models. Believe it or not, shooting on film is still a legitimate thing (I know, it’s shocking). Despite the fact that digital imaging is finally matching the technical capabilities of film (and maybe Read MoreRead More

The History of the Film Lab

A closer look at the history of film labs shows that business has been getting tougher for quite a while, and offers some insights into the specifics of what’s coming soon. By the 1920s, major feature film studios maintained their own labs, although independent labs sprang up in many major cities to handle the non-theatrical Read MoreRead More

End of film: Paramount first studio to stop distributing film Prints

So long film and thanks for all the prints. In a historic step for Hollywood, Paramount Pictures has become the first major studio to stop releasing movies on film in the United States. Paramount recently notified theater owners that the Will Ferrell comedy “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” which opened in December, would be the Read MoreRead More

Deliverables Demystified

If you manage to get a film distribution deal, you’re going to to receive a list of deliverables – Film Independent takes a look at the different kind of deliverables out there. Deliverables can come as an unpleasant surprise for indie filmmakers. When a distributor buys your film for release, they expect more than just Read MoreRead More

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