Fear and Desire

How Stanley Kubrick and Paul Mazursky Made Their First Film

Actor/director Paul Mazursky shares his memories of working on Stanley Kubrick’s first film, “Fear and Desire,” at “An Academy Salute to Stanley Kubrick” with host Malcolm McDowell on November 7, 2012 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Fear and Desire (1953)Read More

Signature themes in Kubrick’s First Feature: ‘Fear and Desire’

Kubrick judged his first feature harshly, but a restored version of the 1953 abstract soldier story now available on disc offers a look at early signs of the director’s motifs. Conventional wisdom holds that “Fear and Desire” (1953), the first feature directed by Stanley Kubrick, is little more than a youthful folly. Unseen for decades, it Read MoreRead More