What is Aperture: Everything You need to Know about Controlling Light Creatively

Film and photography are all about capturing light. One of the key aspects of controlling light is aperture – but there’s more to aperture than just a number on the side of the lens… So what is aperture exactly? Put simply, the aperture is a hole in the lens that light passes through to reach Read MoreRead More

Balancing Light Bulbs with Strobes – Photography

For the photographer – the Slanted Lens shows you how to balance practical lights in a room with strobes for still photography. This principle of using aperture to control the strobe exposure and shutter speed for the continuous light can be a bit tricky to understand and apply but it is an important part of the Read MoreRead More

ISO settings in low light: when, and how, to increase your camera’s sensitivity

Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO are the three components of exposure. This article, which is targeted for photographers, takes a close look at ISO – and understanding when and how to use it in low light situations. Your camera can automatically set the exposure in any conditions, even indoors or at night. To do this Read MoreRead More

Know Your WaveForm! RGB vs. Luma in the Field

D.P. Art Adams explains how to use RGB and Luma waveforms in the field to adjust for exposure. Proper exposure in HD is not always easy. Meter readings don’t always match what the camera sees. Zebras tell us where highlights are clipped but that’s about it. False color gives us broad stroke references… but the Read MoreRead More

How To Shoot & Light For The Grade

With so much that can be done in post production color grading – how should you expose and light your shots on set? D.P. Ryan E. Walters sheds some light on how to find that sweet spot so you won’t be limited in the editing suite. Adding in film grain and applying film LUTs are Read MoreRead More

A Simple Trick To Shoot Better Sunsets That Almost Anyone Can Do

It’s a perfect sunset and you left your graduated ND filter at home – how do you capture nature’s beauty while trying to expose correctly the sky and the ground? Here’s a clever low-fi trick that works for exposures longer than 2 seconds. I enjoy the saturated colors and versatile light that comes just after Read MoreRead More

A Bulb Ramping Tutorial for Correcting Exposures in Changing Light Conditions

Using an external Intervalometer  Joel Schat demonstrates how to perform a Bulb Ramping tutorial which adjusts the shutter speed over time. Shooting a Timelapse from day – night can be a nightmare without the proper equipment. For a long time I shot my sunset’s and day – night shots using the Holy Grail LRTimelapse method and making exposure Read MoreRead More

How Does Shutter Speed Affect Video?

Shutter speed not only affects the exposure of your video, it also affects the look and motion blur of your movie. When talking about video, many people refer the “cinematic” or “videoish” looks. Cinematic is in. Everyone wants to make sure their videos look like they came from a Hollywood backlot. One of the most Read MoreRead More

Why Does your Camera See Things Differently Than You?

The craft of filmmaking is about knowing how to create stunning images that may or not exist in real life. Part of that process is understanding how your camera differs from your eye. Do you ever see a beautiful scene, take out your camera, take the shot and then wonder what went wrong? Why doesn’t Read MoreRead More

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