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How to Be a Resourceful Camera Assistant in under 300 Words

Evan Luzi offers quick advice on how to be a resourceful Camera Assistant. Resourcefulness is truly one of the most valuable traits you can have as a camera assistant (AC).I consider myself pretty resourceful and I attribute much of my ability to land gigs to it.So, want to become a more resourceful AC? Here’s a compact how-to guide to get Read MoreRead More

Why Camera Assistants don’t need a Showreel

Evan Luzi explains why having a showreel won’t do much for your career as an Camera Assistant. And I’m sure there’s more. The trend in all these positions? They have an obvious creative hand in the finished work. The director molds their showreel to show off the subtlety of an actor’s performance or their command of the story. The Read MoreRead More

What do you Want To Do on Set?

There’s more to a movie set than just actors and a director – a production is just that, a production. Evan Luzi looks at the different positions and tasks of a functional professional movie set. As soon as you step on your first set (or second or third), start exploring to find what you want to be. Many Read MoreRead More

5 Ways the Camera Department Can Help Avoid “Fix It In Post” Headaches

Evan Luzi covers 5 ways that the camera assistant can make the editorial process as simple as possible. Have you looked around on a film set lately? You might notice that production and post-production are beginning to merge. Walter Murch, the “Yoda of editing,” often talks about how he doesn’t think editors belong on set. He thinks Read MoreRead More

25 Filmmaking Terms that Sound Like Sex Acts (and What They Actually Mean)

Evan Luzi gets down and dirty with 25 terms used on film sets between big sweaty guys humping heavy gear. Well, not that kind of dirty. I’m talking more about getting on your knees in a tight place and doing whatever it takes to pop off a shot… Hmm. Nevermind. This isn’t going well. But as long as your mind is Read MoreRead More

How to Handle Working for an Asshole

Evan Luzi puts together some aspects to think about when working with the hard-to-work-with. Like any job, going to work in the film industry isn’t always fun. Stepping on set can become a chore when you’re stressed from a shoot, feeling pressure from your department, andworking extremely long hours. So the last thing you need in a situation like Read MoreRead More

How to Deal With the PA Paradox

Being a Production Assistant is being at the bottom rung of the ladder – it’s easy to be labeled both over-eager and lacking motivation at the same time. Evan Luzi offers some tips on how to manage expectations when working your way up as a PA. It’s not easy being a production assistant (PA). You’re Read MoreRead More

Deciphering the Film Slate (Part 3): Twelve Examples of a Completed Slate

Evan Luzi compares the slating techniques from 12 Films. You want to be a slate superstar? A champion of the clapperboard? A maestro of the marker? If you want to be a slating pro, reading about it is only going to take you so far. What will help you learn the most is doing it — putting marker Read MoreRead More

Deciphering the Film Slate (Part 2): Pickups, Plates, MOS, and More

Evan Luzi continues the discussion on Film Slates with all those other little details that go onto a slate. The film slate hasn’t existed for so many years — adapting to the ever-changing filmmaking landscape — without developing nuances and best practices for a few non-conventional situations. For instance, how do you slate if a Read MoreRead More

20 New Digital Camera Pocket Guides

Evan Luzi of The Black and Blue released 20 new digital pocket guides for popular cameras. There’s never been a more exciting time than now for digital cinema. New cameras and technology are revolutionizing the filmmaking process. But keeping pace with these changes can be tough. That’s why I created the digital cinema pocket guide Read MoreRead More

I Worked For Free, Now Where’s My DVD???

Almost all projects start with good intentions, but not all projects have the people/money/talent/professionalism to finish the project – Evan Luzi rants on not getting a DVD – a solid reminder to filmmakers and producers that a small token of appreciation should always be in order. Imagine this: after going back and forth for days, Read MoreRead More

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