Child Actor Henry Thomas’s Audition For E.T.

Here is a remarkable improvised audition by Henry Thomas that moved Steven Spielberg to tears. Okay Kid, you got the job. Henry Thomas goes into more detail in this interview for Esquire Magazine. ESQ: It’s a movie that’s impacted a lot of kids over the years. What was it like to be a young kid Read MoreRead More

Breakfast with Kathleen Kennedy & Henry Thomas

Ariel Schudson has breakfast with the producer and star of E.T – they share their memories, like Michael Jackson moonwalking in the editing room of Poltergeist. Breakfast with Henry Thomas and Kathleen Kennedy. This was not a situation I ever thought I would ever find myself in. Not only was I was seated across from the Read MoreRead More

Nature as Mythic Storyteller

by Jennifer van Sijll Films that last often have a mythic quality. Like great children’s stories, we consume these films as we do ageless fables. Unlike lesser stories, the lessons learned in these films carry a universal authority that seems to transcend man. Biblical stories naturally achieve this mythic stature by virtue of the role Read MoreRead More

505 Behind The Scenes Videos

Take a peak behind the Tinsel Town magic with this collection of 505 behind the scenes videos from over 100 popular and historic movies. If we overlooked your favorite film don’t worry, with the amount of footage floating around the internets I’m sure we will deliver that other Hollywood staple, the sequel. Stay tuned…. Also Read MoreRead More

The man who brings movies to life

You may not know the name Ben Burtt, but odds are you have heard his work. Here is a great interview from the BBC with the Oscar-winning sound designer. …Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T. and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – some of the most famous movies in modern film history. Ben Burtt is the Read MoreRead More