Dr. Strangelove

Pablo Ferro on Making The Titles for Dr. Strangelove

Title Designer PABLO FERRO speaks about his work on Dr. Strangelove. I was doing commercials and I created a new way to cut and that’s why I got popular. That’s how Stanley [Kubrick] saw my work. He saw my reel and he loved it. He said, “I would like you to do the trailer for Strangelove because Read MoreRead More

Kubrick recalled by Influential Set Designer Sir Ken Adam

Sir Ken Adam, set designer for Dr. Stranglove, Barry Lyndon, as well as Dr. No, and Goldfinger discusses what it was like to work for the obsessive master Stanley Kubrick. Steven Spielberg told production designer Sir Ken Adam his work for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove included the best movie-set ever built. Kubrick’s dark comedy is now regarded as a Read MoreRead More

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove”

A behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of one of the classics of modern cinema. Including interviews with many members of the cast and crew of this story about the scramble by the heads of state to head off a rogue general’s attempt to launch a nuclear war, this film gives fans a wealth of new Read MoreRead More

Why Stanley Kubrick Burned His Outtakes

Leon Vitali served as Stanley Kubrick’s casting director, costume director, and personal assistant from his work on Barry Lyndon until his death. He is currently overseeing the Blu-ray box collection of many of Kubrick’s finest works and he sat down for an interview, answering the question why Kubrick doesn’t include outtakes in his DVDs.Read More

Dr. Strangelove: Original Split-Screen Interview

During the era of “Dr. Strangelove” it was common practice for studios to film mock interviews with the stars of up coming films as a promotional tool. In many cases the stars would answer scripted questions that would be shown on split screen. The questions would then be filmed by a local interviewer and inserted Read MoreRead More

Top 7 Off Screen Movie Deaths

It seems in many of todays films they don’t have the courage to leave anything to the imagination. Given the chance the audience can always come up with something in their mind that will be better than anything you can put on the screen. Some the best death scenes may just be implied, or a Read MoreRead More