After Porn Ends: Documentary (Trailer)

They hailed from the rural South, steel towns, and the San Fernando Valley. As teenagers, and young adults, none of them thought that porn was in their future. They were artists, baseball players, child prodigies, and even Ivy Leaguers. Now, after their lives in porn; they’re TV stars, bounty hunters, writers, and social activists. What Read MoreRead More

Off Book – The Art of Film and TV Title Design

The credits are often the first thing we see when we watch a great film or TV show, but the complexity and artistry of title design is rarely discussed. Creators of title sequences are tasked to invent concepts that evoke the core story and themes of the production, and to create a powerful visual experience that pulls the viewer into the film’s world. Read More

Documentary of Disney’s Failed Feature – “The Kingdom of the Sun”

“The Sweatbox” is a documentary about “The Kingdom of the Sun” – a Disney animated feature that would ultimately be reworked into “The Emperor’s New Groove”. Under the directorial helm of Roger Allers (The Lion King) and Randy Fullmer as producer and with original music by Sting, “The Kingdom of the Sun” saw considerable turmoil in production leading ultimately to Allers walking off the production.Read More

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