Saul Bass – Title Champ

Set to a bebop jazz beat, this documentary brings to life the extraordinary work of graphic designer Saul Bass, whose groundbreaking title sequences for Hitchcock’s films transformed the art of movie titles. Through interviews with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro, this film reveals why Bass is still considered the medium’s greatest Read MoreRead More

The Making of a Corporate Documentary

Philip Bloom explains the process of making a corporate documentary by taking you behind the scenes of his shoot for Facebook. It’s rare that I can blog about my commercial work. Normally NDA, privacy, and a million other reasons mean that the work I normally talk about is my personal work. Although that’s not always Read MoreRead More

“No Reservations” DP Zach Zamboni on Shooting Reality and Documentary

Roll up your sleeves and make it happen, kids. Zach Zamboni has gone into places that most DP’s would shudder the the thought. Having shot for documentary and reality series, Zamboni has learned how to make silk purses out of sow’s ears, and stuff them with diamonds to boot. If there’s a way to make Read MoreRead More

Martin Scorsese – A Personal Journey Through American Movies

Martin Scorsese reflected on the history of American film starting with the early pioneers and up to the point where he began making films himself. “Film is a disease, when it infects your blood stream is takes over as the number one hormone, it plays Iago to your psyche, and as with heroin the antidote Read MoreRead More

Lee Strasberg Documentary “The Method Man”

Method Man is a wonderful 60-minute documentary about the life and career of Lee Strasberg, the acting teacher credited with the initial explosion of Method Acting in America. It covers in detail his work at The Actors Studio, New York, in the 50s and also his involvement in the Group Theatre in the 30s, as Read MoreRead More

10 Steps to Shooting You First DIY Interview

Vimeo video school offers 10 tips to folks just getting started shooting interviews for documentaries. -Do your research! You’ll want to know any information that’s already out there so you can ask questions no one has asked before. Read up about your subject on the Internet and in publications. -Write up a good list of Read MoreRead More

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