10 Steps to Shooting You First DIY Interview

Vimeo video school offers 10 tips to folks just getting started shooting interviews for documentaries. -Do your research! You’ll want to know any information that’s already out there so you can ask questions no one has asked before. Read up about your subject on the Internet and in publications. -Write up a good list of Read MoreRead More

“Apocalypse Now” Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro – Writing with Light

Profile of the cinematographer Vittorio Storaro which traces his career responsible for the photography on films like  ’Apocalypse Now’, `The Conformist’, `Last Tango in Paris’, `The Last Emperor’, `Dick Tracy’ and `The Sheltering Sky’. Via Cinephelia and BeyondRead More

The Last Gladiators – Official Trailer

Academy Award® winning Director Alex Gibney takes an unprecedented look at the National Hockey League’s most feared enforcers and explores the career of Chris “Knuckles” Nilan. The role was simple: protect their teammates no matter the cost. For Chris this meant a shattered body, addiction to drugs, and harming the people closest to him. But Read MoreRead More

The Documentary Project: A Longterm Engagement That Culminates in a Book

Join professional photographer Magdalena Solé for an information packed lecture on her documentary project. The talk is based on her two years of work in the Mississippi Delta culminating in the release of a book. By introducing her new book “New Delta Rising” she will explore a series of topics: including the process of photographing Read MoreRead More

Saul Bass – Main Title Documentary

Ironic that the titles and production value of this documentary are actually terrible, considering that Saul Bass is the most famous title sequence designer. Nonetheless it is a mesmerizing look at some of the best movie title sequences of all time, narrated by Bass himself.Read More

The Scorsese Machine (1990)

Labarthe filmed Martin Scorsese soon after the “scandal” of The Last Temptation of Christ had begun to die down. Not sure which approach to use for the film, Labarthe and his crew simply went to Scorsese’s office and began shooting him moving around, watching rushes, etc. At the end of the first day’s shoot, Scorsese Read MoreRead More

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