Clever Ways to Mount Foam Board Reflectors and Flags

Recycling pieces found in a thrift store, Udi Tirosh illustrates how reflector and flag stands can be obtained on the cheap. e One day I was shopping in a thrift store, looking at discarded things people donated to resell. As odd as it sounds, there are always a handful of medical related items.. old walkers, crutches, Read MoreRead More

6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio – Photography & Lighting Tutorial

The Slanted Lens offers up 6 tips for setting up a home or office studio including how to make a backdrop holder up very little space, control your window light, how to make lights at home ad set up these lights for a 2 light video interview.Read More

A DIY Cable Cam for GoPro

TahoeMattHardy·shows off his cable cam setup using a GoPro Hero 3. Foldable Frame: Custom aluminum struts x 4 Aluminum tube x1 1 1/4″ Screws x4 Nylon lock nuts x4 Washers x4 Ram Mounts: RAM-B-202AU, RAP-B-200-12U, RAM-B-238U Tripod Mount for GoPro Xootr wheels x2 – Special groove for rope made on lathe Rigging: 3mm dyneema rope (Double Read MoreRead More

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