Defining DIT: From Misconception to The Right Tools for the Job

In a Three Part Series: Micah Van Hove interviewed four working DITs (Digital Imaging Technician) from New York and L.A. to help contextualize the role they play and offer insights into the business. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 It’s easy to put an idea in someone’s mind — yet incredibly difficult to bore it out. Somewhere along Read MoreRead More

The RED Digital Workflow of “Hitchcock”

Shooting on RED Epics at Red Studios in LA, all the DIT work and dailies of the film “Hitchcock” were handled by one operator working on a cart that housed two 12 core Tower Macs fitted with three Red Rocket cards and 70 terabytes of hard drive space. While the film is both entertaining and Read MoreRead More

An Exciting Post About File Management! (Seriously, This is For Your Own Good)

Benjamin Dewhurst discusses how to manage all those pesky files created in this new digital world. Do you see the laptop graphic to the left here? This is is a dramatization of what you’ll want to do should you ever mis-manage your file naming or folder structure on a project. Luckily, there are several tips Read MoreRead More