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Robert Rodriguez Sundance Q&A on El Mariachi Collection

After a Collection Screening of his film El Mariachi, celebrating the 20-year anniversary of its Sundance Film Festival premiere, Robert Rodriguez reminisces about the film’s production and answers audience questions. Recorded January 19, 2013Read More

5 Distribution Cons that FIlmmakers Fall For

Elliot Grove lists five common scams that unscrupulous con artists pull on filmmakers. 1. The So Called Festival Consultant Who would ever think that you, a filmmaker, needs to employ someone to take you around to film festivals. You’ll be told that they have the necessary inside connections to get your film in, but at the Read MoreRead More

The Value of Test Screening your Indie Film

Sheri Candler presents her perspective on test screening and why she thinks it’s an important step of the Indie Filmmaking process. No amount of marketing will save a film that needs improvement. Many times I am sent films that need a few more editorial passes or maybe some reshoots to get it at the level Read MoreRead More

Without An Audience, It Can’t be Art!

Emily Best discusses the new transparency that the digital age has brought to filmmakers and society and how that impacts our relationship with the audience. I hold this apparently really unpopular view that without an audience, it can’t be art. “Art” is a social label, a negotiation between the artist, the object (or performance) and Read MoreRead More

10 Tips on Designing a Movie Poster

Chris Jones offers 10 tips for designing movie posters aimed at grabbing the eye of a sales agents, distributors or audience members. 1. The poster is NOT a piece of art… well of course it is art, and I love movie posters, they adorn my walls. But I suspect they never began life as artwork that Read MoreRead More

The Average Markup on Movie Theater Popcorn is 1,275%

Most theaters in the U.S. only keep on average 8% of ticket sales. The vast majority of their income is made at the concession stand. According to one Morningstar equity analyst, of every dollar spent on candy and soda in movie theaters, 85% is pure profit. In Yahoo Finance’s article “6 Outrageously Overpriced Products” they calculated the average markup Read MoreRead More

The MPAA Prohibits Blood in Trailers so it is Often Colored Black

Because of MPAA rules U.S. movie trailers cannot show blood, so blood is often colored black to gain approval. Trailers that do not obey this and other rules, such as; foul language and violent, sexual, or otherwise objectionable imagery may be issued a red band, which indicates approval for only “restricted” or “mature” audiences. These Read MoreRead More

Porn Studio Awarded $1.5 Million From Man Who Shared 10 Movies

A couple years ago, Kywan Fisher paid for membership to the adult movie house Flava Works and downloaded 10 porn flicks to his computer. He then uploaded them to BitTorrent, where they were downloaded 3,449 times. What Fisher didn’t realize is the movies had watermarks that traced back to the subscriber who downloaded them. In Read MoreRead More

What Filmmakers Need To Know About Video On Demand

Video On Demand is changing the way filmmakers reach their audiences.  Jason Brubaker lays out the field of Video On Demand (VOD) and what you need to know to distribute your film electronically. While it is possible that your movie will be a break out hit, it is more likely that your movie will end up as Read MoreRead More

What Happens When You Have the Movie Star But No Distribution?

Ingenious wasn’t going anywhere in the festival circuit. Then the co-star Jeremy Renner breaks through and becomes a hot item. How do the filmmakers rebrand the film to take advantage of Renner’s new found fame? There’s a scene in Ingenious where Sam, the seat-of-his-pants flying salesman, convinces Matt, the quirk-filled inventor, to gamble away the money Read MoreRead More

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