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MoviePass Launches All-You-Can-Watch Movie Theater Service

A new start up firm Movie Pass is trying to apply a Netflix model to the Cineplex. Could this be a what the theaters need to for a new era of attendance? Or is there reluctance on the part of the chain owners? MoviePass, which offers all-you-can-watch movie-going for less than $40 a month, starts Read MoreRead More

Broken on Purpose: How Social Media wants us to Pay to Get it Right

Social media networks are maturing and the days of creating genuine buzz and following may be starting to get crushed by large media company interests. For example, Facebook throttles fan page messages to just 15 percent of fans – unless you pay them to spread the message further to your “fan base”. Many of us Read MoreRead More

Your Projectionist and You

Witney Seibold explains how a film is actually projected onto the screen, what can go wrong, and what you can do about it. A director is working hard on her film. She is not only working slavishly to achieve the right look, tone and thematic throughline for her drama, but she is also embroiled in a bitter Read MoreRead More

Mountain to Moon: 10 Movie Studio Logos and the Stories Behind Them

What’s the story behind the MGM Lion? Who is the current version of the Columbia Lady? Time took a look at 10 studio logos and their history: Paramount Pictures FOUNDED: 1912 TWO-SENTENCE HISTORY: Hollywood’s oldest surviving studio quickly earned a reputation for finding and signing the biggest stars of the day—from Mary Pickford and Douglass Fairbanks (who Read MoreRead More

7 Things I Learned From My First Film Festival

Andrew Robinson recounts some tips when going to a major film festival like the Toronto International Film Festival This was my first time going to TIFF, going to Canada, covering and even attending a film festival. It’s a lot of firsts for me to handle – I hope I did okay.I watched a grand total Read MoreRead More

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