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It Takes a ‘War Room’ to Launch Netflix’s Series

Go behind the scenes of the of a Netflix launch as their premiere new episodes of “Orange is the New Black” Netflix’s Internet video subscription service works around the clock, but it’s unusual for more than two dozen of the company’s engineers and top managers to be huddled in a conference room at 10:30 on Read MoreRead More

How to make a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) on your own computer

When it comes down to projecting your film for the big screen, the DCP is quickly becoming an industry standard. But how can you get your film in this format and most importantly – can you do it on your own computer? Up until now the words Digital Cinema Package (DCP) had usually been followed Read MoreRead More

Why There Are So Many Terrible Movies on Netflix

Meghan Neal explains how Netflix with it’s wealth of data on consumer streaming habits may have revived the B-Movie industry: It’s finally happened: I’ve run out of things to watch. The blockbuster hits and grand Oscar-chasers and addictive TV shows are on summer break, and I’m left scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel on Read MoreRead More

Vimeo or YouTube? Where Should You Post Your Videos?

Ron Dawson provides a few thoughts on the difficult question of which service to post your content to: I often get asked whether it makes more sense to post a video to YouTube or Vimeo. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the wrong question. In truth, if optimizing the number of people to see your video, and if Read MoreRead More

A Short History of Coming Attractions

 Jason Kehe and Katie M. Palmer trace the history of movie trailers in this Art of Trailer for Wired Magazine. We’re obsessed with movie trailers. This year fans watched more than a billion on YouTube and searched for trailers three times more than in 2008. And these numbers continue to grow as studios focus film-advertising Read MoreRead More

The New “Soft” Money

Forget the fairy tale of Kickstarter enabling Zach Braff the freedom to have director’s cut. The real success story is not how that money can be put into use in production but what it means in the eyes of producers and money men. They may not have realized this but more than forty-six thousand individuals Read MoreRead More

Drive-Ins Soon Face Hollywood’s Digital Switch

The Drive-In Theater, an heirloom from a bygone era, will face another challenge as Hollywood moves away from 35mm film to digital distribution. Pull into the Bourbon Drive-In just off U.S. Highway 68 near Paris, Ky., and it’s like stepping back in time. Patricia and Lanny Earlywine own the 7-acre drive-in. It’s been connected to the family Read MoreRead More

Movie Marketing Advice from Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein sent this quick memo to Errol Morris on his appearance on NPR to promote the film “The Thin Blue Line”: Dear Errol: Heard your NPR interview and you were boring. You couldn’t have dragged me to see THE THIN BLUE LINE if my life depended on it. It’s time you start being a Read MoreRead More

YouTube is Becoming Like Traditional TV – Is it Worth Paying For?

The wild west was conquered with barbed wire. Will the internet be conquered by pay walls? ONE of the most popular videos this month on YouTube, an online video site, is a commercial by a bottled-water firm, Evian. In it, adults walking by a shop window see their baby lookalikes reflected, and start dancing with Read MoreRead More

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