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No Distribution Models For Independent Films?

Will there ever be a business model for distributing independent films? Mark Gill’s “Yes, The Sky Really Is Falling” statement at the L.A. Film Festival has many filmmakers asking this question. Investors have been flooding Hollywood with cash, upwards of $18 billion according to The Wall St. Journal (“Glut of Films Hits Hollywood”). Is all Read MoreRead More

Interview with the Director of Marketing at TurnHere

Recent interview with Morgan Brown, Director of Marketing at TurnHere, Inc., Drury Bynum discussed how TH has leveraged a worldwide network of filmmakers to provide one of the most successful online marketing platforms for small businesses to large brands. THE VALUE OF VIDEO: HOW TO MARKET YOUR COMPANY ONLINE from drury bynum on Vimeo. From Read MoreRead More

The Art of the Producer (more than finding the money)

Celtx Motion Sketches Ep. 6 – Art Of The Producer (More Than Finding Money) What exactly does a Producer do? Are they just a means to finding the money? Or is the art of the Producer something much more intrinsic to the creative development of a cinematic project? This episode of Motion Sketches explores the Read MoreRead More

The Taste of Others

Konstan, a professor at the University of Minnesota, is just one of dozens of academic researchers trying to solve the problem of understanding your likes and dislikes. …If pressed, Joe Konstan will admit that he watches “fewer than two movies a year.” Yet Konstan has spent more than a decade creating software that attempts to Read MoreRead More

How to Get Your Indie Film on iTunes

As Scott Kirsner says in the title of this article from his blog CinemaTech: “It’s not easy.” Kirsner lays out the options in a comprehensive blog post in which he names all the various aggregators who sell content on Apple’s market-leading download service, discusses their various terms, and provides contact info links. …If you are Read MoreRead More

Protecting Film Investors

Entertainment Attorney Mark Litwak teaches film investors how to reduce the risk of film investments. For filmmakers this is a good insight into what investors may be looking for in your project. …Film investments have a bad reputation, and deservedly so. There are instances where financiers have been cheated and lost their entire investment. Consequently, Read MoreRead More

Sample Film Sales Estimates

These sales estimates are intended as only as illustrations. These figures come from an actual independent feature film but they should not be used in connection with any other film. Reliable sales estimates can only come from experienced sales agents or similar distribution professionals. The sales estimate for any project will be unique, taking into Read MoreRead More

No Film Distributor? Then D.I.Y.

John Anderson’s eye opening trend piece in The New York Times on self-distributing indie films. …When “Bottle Shock” played at the Sundance Film Festival in January, it appeared to possess that mix so tantalizing to well-heeled indie distributors. It had a name cast, including Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman. The director came with a track Read MoreRead More

The Realities of DIY Filmmaking has posted a clip from a DIY Days LA event. The panelists discuss what’s really involved in a successful DIY film. Discussion Leader: Mark Stolaroff – panelists Arin Crumley, Ondi Timoner, Hunter Weeks and M dot Strange.Read More

When the Audience Takes Control

Lance Weiler breaks down the new models independent filmmakers are using to create a fan base for Filmmaker Magazine. …It starts early in the filmmaking process as filmmakers are instructed to write what they know, consider what they have access to and keep their limitations in mind. Those three points are essential when making a Read MoreRead More

Cult classics take on the blockbusters

Here is more evidence that Internet is becoming a viable distribution method for smaller films. Geoffrey Macnab from the Belfast Telegraph looks at how the web is shaking up Hollywood. Suggested by IQ Member Dark Water. …Is the Hollywood blockbuster finally eating itself? As cult movies attract a new audience who download more obscure films Read MoreRead More

Delivery Hell or The Hangover After The Party

Deliverables are an often over look element by new filmmakers. Not having the necessary elements and not budgeting for them could mean the difference between a successful distribution deal and none at all. Also see “A Short Guide to Delivering a Film.” …It is the dream of every producer to go to Sundance, win prizes Read MoreRead More

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