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Redefining Digital Content Distribution

Ross L. Pruden has republished his lecture “Redefining Digital Content Distribution, or Why Apple is About To Get Its Ass Kicked” from The Conversation in Berkeley in October. It covers license-based digital content distribution and the possible downfall of Apple. …I’m a filmmaker myself, and I’ve spent a long time studying movie distribution so I’m Read MoreRead More

Indie sector waiting for digital revolution

Variety reports on the uncertainty of indie distribution in the new Digital Age. …You’ve got cable-based platforms, you’ve got (Internet)-based platforms, you’ve got mobile platforms — it’s all over the place,” D’Amico says. While distribution via emerging digital platforms may prove wildly profitable for indies a few years down the road, for now, as D’Amico Read MoreRead More

Deeje Cooley from Adobe Media Player

From: PixelHeadsNetwork – Deeje Cooley, from the Adobe Media Player division tells us all about their new media player. Learn why as a video producer you want your show on it, how to syndicate it, how to monetize your content through it, plus much more! Adobe – Media PlayerRead More

MobMov Guerrilla Drive-ins is a group that is trying to bring the drive-in experience back to the people. They show movies for free on mobile, car-mounted projectors. The shows are organized “underground” via the Internet, email and text. Filmmakers won’t make money directly from MobMov or other “Guerrilla Drive-ins”, but it maybe a great way to gain Read MoreRead More

Some Festival Advice for Filmmakers

AJ Schnack offers some advice for filmmakers in his “An Annual State of the Industry Post and Some Festival Advice for Filmmakers.” …Distribution companies shutting down (or seemingly on the rocks). New technologies seeming to arrive on a daily basis. With all the fast and furious changes in the independent film world, it’s become necessary Read MoreRead More

Sites of the Week: DIY Distribution Companies

Sites of the Week: Websites to help sell your film online. This week we highlight a group of companies dedicated to assisting filmmakers in DIY film distribution. The following sites offer a wide range of services to help filmmakers reach audiences and simplify the process of selling their films. IndieFlix …IndieFlix is dedicated to providing Read MoreRead More

No Money For Old Men

A $160 million dollar box office take from a film with a $20 million dollar budget and no profits, only in Hollywood. …As the pic’s slogan said, “There are no clean getaways”. So actors get screwed out of dough not only happens all the time on indies but now even on faux indies that win Read MoreRead More

No Distribution Models For Independent Films?

Will there ever be a business model for distributing independent films? Mark Gill’s “Yes, The Sky Really Is Falling” statement at the L.A. Film Festival has many filmmakers asking this question. Investors have been flooding Hollywood with cash, upwards of $18 billion according to The Wall St. Journal (“Glut of Films Hits Hollywood”). Is all Read MoreRead More

Interview with the Director of Marketing at TurnHere

Recent interview with Morgan Brown, Director of Marketing at TurnHere, Inc., Drury Bynum discussed how TH has leveraged a worldwide network of filmmakers to provide one of the most successful online marketing platforms for small businesses to large brands. THE VALUE OF VIDEO: HOW TO MARKET YOUR COMPANY ONLINE from drury bynum on Vimeo. From Read MoreRead More

The Art of the Producer (more than finding the money)

Celtx Motion Sketches Ep. 6 – Art Of The Producer (More Than Finding Money) What exactly does a Producer do? Are they just a means to finding the money? Or is the art of the Producer something much more intrinsic to the creative development of a cinematic project? This episode of Motion Sketches explores the Read MoreRead More

The Taste of Others

Konstan, a professor at the University of Minnesota, is just one of dozens of academic researchers trying to solve the problem of understanding your likes and dislikes. …If pressed, Joe Konstan will admit that he watches “fewer than two movies a year.” Yet Konstan has spent more than a decade creating software that attempts to Read MoreRead More

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