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Why everyone lies about their movie’s budget

Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times delivers the shock of all shocks, people in Hollywood lie. …The studio chief who made the movie gives you a low-ball number. The head of a rival studio, eager to make a competitor look bad, gives you a wildly inflated number. Most journalists have reported that Baz Luhrmann’s Read MoreRead More

Cutting an Effective Indie Trailer

Zak Forsman via The Workbook Project offers some tips and lessons learned from cutting a his trailer for “Heart of Now.” …I’ve just released a trailer for HEART OF NOW and wanted to share the things I’ve learned about this little marketing niche. What I’m doing is taking the lessons of the commercial world and Read MoreRead More

Google Video Shutting Down Uploads

Google’s Press Release: “At Google, we like to launch early, launch often, and to iterate our products. Occasionally, this means we have to re-evaluate our efforts and make difficult decisions to be sure we focus on products that make the most sense for our users. In a few months, we will discontinue support for uploads Read MoreRead More

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

The sixth lecture in Evan Korth’s NYU Computers and Society course featured Professor Lawrence Lessig of Stanford University. His topic, the subject of his recent book, was “Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.” The content industry has convinced industry in general that extremism in copyright regulation is good for business and Read MoreRead More

Is Indie Filmmaking Dead?

Mike Curtis rants about the state of indie filmmaking …Went to dinner with an indie filmmaker last night. Here’s a rant based on that. Synopsis: I think indie movie making as a business model is deader than fried chicken. Hoping to make your little movie and make a living off of it, until you can Read MoreRead More

Video Embedding Comparison Tests

Filmmaker Karel Bata compares Video Hosting platforms head to head: Teenage Zombie Movie 1 (teaser) from Karel Bata on Vimeo. Teenage Zombie Movie (teaser) By Karel Bata View in HD Download 380p Version Visit Karel Bata’s ExposureRoom Videos Page Shooting Teenage Zombie Movie 1 – tease by karelbata Read MoreRead More

’3-D sound’ Unveiled

Iosono, a spinoff company of Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology unveiled a breakthrough in theatrical sound dubbed “3-D sound” at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ Technical Conference and Exhibition. The Hollywood Reporter writes, “The 3-D sound system at the Mann is a ring of 380 speakers, set six inches apart, Read MoreRead More

Redefining Digital Content Distribution

Ross L. Pruden has republished his lecture “Redefining Digital Content Distribution, or Why Apple is About To Get Its Ass Kicked” from The Conversation in Berkeley in October. It covers license-based digital content distribution and the possible downfall of Apple. …I’m a filmmaker myself, and I’ve spent a long time studying movie distribution so I’m Read MoreRead More

Indie sector waiting for digital revolution

Variety reports on the uncertainty of indie distribution in the new Digital Age. …You’ve got cable-based platforms, you’ve got (Internet)-based platforms, you’ve got mobile platforms — it’s all over the place,” D’Amico says. While distribution via emerging digital platforms may prove wildly profitable for indies a few years down the road, for now, as D’Amico Read MoreRead More

Deeje Cooley from Adobe Media Player

From: PixelHeadsNetwork – Deeje Cooley, from the Adobe Media Player division tells us all about their new media player. Learn why as a video producer you want your show on it, how to syndicate it, how to monetize your content through it, plus much more! Adobe – Media PlayerRead More

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