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Mystery Marketing is No Substitute for Good Filmmaking

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as a movie that doesn’t live up to its hype. Liam Trim explores some of the new viral marketing tactics employed in modern Hollywood films including “Super 8″ the latest by mystery marketeer JJ Abrams.Read More

The A-Z of Excellent Copywriting

In advertising world, the content of an ad is called “copy”. Being as filmmaking is such a collaborative medium, you will often be called to write some sort of pitch to “sell” your ideas and yourself. Here are 26 tips (alphabetically, including links to more in-depth articles) for better copy writing that you should reference to make your next pitch sizzle.Read More

What kind of Deliverables do Distributors Expect?

You’ve just done the impossible: You just sold your feature to a distributor… But what do they expect to get from you? Here’s a few sample deliverables from distribution contracts for you to look through – even if you haven’t shot your next indie smash hit, it’s good to know what’s coming down the plate.Read More

Your Memories Can And Will Be Hacked

Aza Raskin, former head of user experience at Mozilla Labs and creative lead for Firefox, describes how your past actions are the best predictor of your future decisions. Your past actions — or the memories of your past actions — have always been immutable. But what if they weren’t? What if marketers could meddle with your memories and insert product placements where they weren’t before? Who would we be? What implications would it have for how we live? What if this wasn’t all hypothetical? Read More

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