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Your Memories Can And Will Be Hacked

Aza Raskin, former head of user experience at Mozilla Labs and creative lead for Firefox, describes how your past actions are the best predictor of your future decisions. Your past actions — or the memories of your past actions — have always been immutable. But what if they weren’t? What if marketers could meddle with your memories and insert product placements where they weren’t before? Who would we be? What implications would it have for how we live? What if this wasn’t all hypothetical? Read More

How Google can ban filmmakers for life without reason.

Since the dawn of the interwebs filmmakers looked to it as a new magical tool that may finally allow us to breakdown traditional walls opening up a whole new world. We all envisioned a future of social collaboration, new financing models and open distribution. So are the walls coming down or are we just creating new ones?Read More

Will Netflix Kill the Internet?

With the huge rise of Netflix subscribers and the massive amount of video data flowing through the webs today – questions are starting to rise about the sustainability of tomorrow’s internet infrastructure? Will the free internet continue as it is or will the future of the web be something far different? …The steady progression from Read MoreRead More

Think Globally, Act Regionally (at least in Film Fests)

With quite literally thousands of film festivals in the United States and around the world – what should you look for when submitting to festivals? Sure everyone’s heard of Sundance, Toronto, and Cannes – but maybe you should be looking at the regional festivals.Read More

Fans, Friends & Followers: Creating Your Own Cult

From SXSW 2010: Finding an audience has become essential to the filmmaker’s arsenal. Featuring real-world examples, Gary Hustwit (director: Objectified, Helvetica) and Scott Kirsner (CinemaTech) explore the filmmaker’s art of cultivating an audience for their work, spreading the word, showing up for screenings, and buying the DVDs or downloading.Read More

The Truth On How Hollywood Makes Money: Can Indies Films Survive?

The once promising indie film industry has all but disappeared from Hollywood in recent years. Author Edward Jay Epstein explores the complicated finances behind why Hollywood is abandoning the indie films in favor of big budget spectacles like Avatar.Read More

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