When Woody Allen first Got Serious

Scott Tobias looks at the time and place of Interiors (1978), Woody Allen’s first venture from comedy into dark drama. Before bringing Interiors into the world, Woody Allen spent a decade mastering a sophisticated form of low comedy, mingling the silly antics of the Marx brothers and Buster Keaton with the droll intellect of his stand-up and New Yorker magazine contributions. Read MoreRead More

Judd Apatow & Matt Mahurin Talk Photography and Filmmaking with Mark Seliger

Judd Apatow & Matt Mahurin join Mark Seliger to talk about photographing tragedy, finding humanity with comedy, and meeting their heroes. From Tom Waits to Seth Rogen and Steve Martin to Henri Cartier-Bresson, they share stories of collaborating throughout their careers.  Read More

Watch Three Early Short Films by Martin Scorsese

Kick back and watch three early short films of the master Martin Scorsese. What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing Here It’s Not Just You, Murray! The Big Shave Last week we featured the first three films of Stanley Kubrick. Today we focus on the first three by Martin Scorsese. Although the two men were about Read MoreRead More

Edgar Wright Talks ‘The World’s End,’ Completing The Cornetto Trilogy, ‘Ant-Man’ & Much More

Director/screenwriter Edgar Wright speaks about his Cornetto Trilogy which began with “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” and concludes with “The World’s End”. All good things must come to an end, and this weekend, the “Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy” finally melts with the debut of apocalyptic robo-comedy “The World’s End.” Beginning with 2004′s romantic Read MoreRead More

Heroines of Cinema: 15 Female Directors Who Made Their First Feature After Turning 40

Matthew Hammett Knott chronicles 15 women who broke into directing after turning 40. It seemed a more interesting approach to look at directors whose feature film career did not even begin until the age of forty or later. In last week’s article, a user wrote in the comments section of being an aspiring director in Read MoreRead More

Is Crowdfunding Changing the Game for Filmmakers? A Q&A With Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s Kickstarter is looking like it will be a success (thanks in no small part to a small but well off crowd who donated large sums). As the campaign is closing to end, Spike Lee sits down in an interview with Joe Vogel and his thoughts on the process. You’ve mentioned in other interviews that Read MoreRead More

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