Stanley Kubrick on the Filmmaking as an Emotional Medium

“I don’t think that writers or painters or filmmakers function because they have something they particularly want to say. They have something that they feel. And they like the art form: they like words, or the smell of paint, or celluloid and photographic images and working with actors. I don’t think that any genuine artist Read MoreRead More

6 Filmmaking Tips We Can Learn From Guillermo del Toro

Landon Palmer looks through Guillermo del Toro’s interviews and finds six tips from the filmmaker about story, myth, and paying it forward. Guillermo del Toro abides by zero perceived distinctions between high and low culture. Whether working with Hollywood popcorn properties like Blade II or Hellboy, or creating imaginative, dark arthouse fare like The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth, del Toro has Read MoreRead More

Directing Tips from Film Consultant Seth Hymes: Leadership Doesn’t End When Cameras Stop Rolling

Seth Hymes offers some tips about how to be considerate of your cast and crew as a director. Being a director means managing groups of real people. This can come as a rude awakening to many new directors after spending months in the imaginary world of screenplays, fictional characters, and shot lists. Supervisors at Red Read MoreRead More

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