What happened to the Two Shot?

David Boardwell laments the extinction of the two shot from western cinema but provides many examples of it popping up in Asian film. Of course two-shots are still with us, but they usually serve to set up passages of shot/ reverse-shot cutting. The sustained two-shot carrying long stretches of dialogue is increasingly rare in Hollywood Read MoreRead More

6 Filmmaking Tips We Can Learn from Errol Morris

Landon Palmer dissects the non-fiction filmmaker’s words and interviews for six bits of advice for the documentary filmmaker. Think, Dammit “The role of a good documentary is not to convince you about what happened, but to force you to think about what happened. And if it does that, then it really has done its job.” Read MoreRead More

Seth MacFarlane’s 17 Golden Rules of Filmmaking

The Family Guy creator lists 17 Golden Rules of Filmmaking. 1. Directing a film is very similar to creating three animated series, except harder and not at all similar. 2. Don’t wear a beret, jodhpurs and riding boots to the set because crew guys say very hurtful things. 3. Mila Kunis isn’t going to show her boobs in your movie, Read MoreRead More

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