Directing Directors on the ‘Right’ Approach to Coaching Actors

Director Mark Travis discusses his experience kibitzing on some acting workshops. I have been directing actors for more than 40 years in theater, film and television. And now, ironically, I teach directors all over the world how to direct actors. I use the Travis Technique, a revolutionary technique that I developed over the past 40 Read MoreRead More

13 Steps to Directing Famous Actors in a Microbudget Film

Dan Mirvish shares 13 tips for microbudget filmmaking from his experience on Between Us. As I wind up my festival and theatrical run of my film Between Us, it’s gratifying to see the amazing reviews for our four-person ensemble cast, with critics using blurb-ready adjectives like “brilliant,” “razor-sharp” and “career-best” to describe the performances of Julia Read MoreRead More

What A Film Director Does After They Say “CUT”

Patrick Tucker is one of Europe’s most experienced film directors with over 400 shows broadcast on television. At the end of a Take you shout “CUT!” – then what do you do? 1: Did you like the take? On balance, were all the major elements in place? (framing; camera movement; lighting; design; properties; costumes; make-up; script; Read MoreRead More

The Hollywood Deal – Common Terms for Writers and Directors

Genevieve Jolliffe outlines some of terms a writer or director would expect when working on a Hollywood Studio film. If you are hired to write (whether this is your own idea or someone else’s) you will get paid your writing fee in steps. THE TYPICAL DEAL is two drafts and a polish (three steps). Each Read MoreRead More

Magic and Light: The Films of Steven Speilberg

This series examines facets of Spielberg’s movie career, including his stylistic evolution as a director, his depiction of violence, his interest in communication and language, his portrayal of authority and evil, and the importance of father figures — both present and absent — throughout his work.
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