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Researchers Use a 480-Camera Dome to More Accurately Capture 3D Motion

Using a dome with 480 cameras researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are developing a new way to create motion capture without those little reflective balls. Traditional 3D motion capture technologies, amazing though they are, are limited. They only give you a small number of data points to work with, and while they seem to capture Read MoreRead More

Colour Grading Your Film – Top Nineteen Tips For Working With The Professionals

Chris Jones gives out 19 tips for working with professional colorists to grade your film. Go to the best people The number one mistake so many filmmakers make is they try to grade their films themselves. There is no doubt, the tools available now are cheap and powerful, and with a great deal of trial Read MoreRead More

Ape Acting

Mike Seymour digs into the process of turning mocap actors into living breathing digital apes for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.   Rise of the Planet of the Apes focused on a scientist who adopted an ape in the science-run-amok break-out hit film of 2011. Dawn of Planet of Apes focuses on an ape who deals with Shakespearean Read MoreRead More

House of Cards: Coloring the Game-Changing Netflix Series

Season 2 of the pioneering Netflix series “House of Cards” brought a number of changes, including new Lead Colorist Laura Jans-Fazio. She spoke to Creative COW about her approach to this visually distinctive show, her remote collaboration with Executive Producer David Fincher, and her use of the Baselight grading system for fast turnarounds with the Read MoreRead More

How The Mill Made its Marionettes for DirecTV

Ian Failes details the work put in to create the slightly disturbing marionettes puppets for DirecTV. DirecTV’s new ‘marionette’ spots, aimed at showcasing the company’s wire-free boxes, feature CG animation from The Mill. The VFX studio created characters with puppeteered-like performances based on actual stand-in actors and real marionettes. We talked to some key members Read MoreRead More

Live. Die. Repeat the Effects of “Edge of Tomorrow”

In this in-depth look at Doug Liman’s time-splicing Edge of Tomorrow, FXGuide talks to Sony Pictures Imageworks, Framestore, Cinesite, The Third Floor and Prime Focus World about how they helped orchestrate some of the film’s biggest effects and its previs and stereo conversion – including complicated (and crazy) tentacled mimics, power exo-suits, the detailed beach attack, the Read MoreRead More

Disney’s Maleficent & Re-creating Fully Digital Characters-Design

Angelina Jolie stars in Disney’s new Maleficent, featuring a forest world of detailed visual effects. Mike Seymour delves into how facial movement experts Digital Domain, worked to re-create realistic, fully digital counterparts to the story’s three fairies. Have they successfully crossed the Uncanny Valley?Read More

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