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Selective Glow FX Tutorial in After Effects – Video CoPilot

Have you ever needed to add a glow to a specific color? Like an explosion, or signal light without affecting the rest of the image. In this short tutorial Andrew Kramer of VideoCopilot shows technique that will allow you add a glow to a specific color only and avoid the color mixing that occurs when using Read MoreRead More

Creating the 3D in Gravity

Take a look behind the parallax of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity which had it’s 3D work done at Prime Focus World. Prime Focus World ended up converting 27 minutes in Gravity: 85 shots including one shot that was comprised of 15,531 frames and lasted over 10 minutes 47 seconds.  PFW’s View-D Conversion & Production work was primarily Read MoreRead More

The Delicate Planning and Execution of “Gravity”

FX Guide gives an in-depth exploration of the detailed pre-production and execution that went into the production of Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” Making the film before making the film Clearly, shooting in this way was going to mean that Gravity would be unlike any other film before it. “That was something we were aware of as we were Read MoreRead More

Movie tech: How ‘Gravity’ threw Sandra Bullock into Zero Gravity

Alan Boyle looks at the tech of getting Alfonso Cuaron’s space drama off the ground. Previsualization The work that went into pulling off that feat started years ago. Early on, the filmmakers decided to map out the entire movie with computer-generated imagery in a process they called previsualization, or “previs.” Animators adhered to the rules of Read MoreRead More

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