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Building Incredible 3D Projections on Buildings

Chris Zwar details the process of planning and testing large those incredibly cool projections on buildings. While building projections can be incredibly impressive, and they’re usually created and displayed at sizes well above TV and even cinema, the actual process of creating the animation is fairly conventional. The critical step is the creation of a Read MoreRead More

Furious 7 and How Peter Jackson’s Weta Created Digital Paul Walker

Re-creating the franchise’s late star joins a new front in Hollywood’s decades-long effort to create a fully realistic CG actor. No actor is indispensable. That is the blunt lesson from the fact that Universal Pictures was able to complete its April 3 tentpole, Furious 7, following starPaul Walker‘s death in a November 2013 car accident about halfway Read MoreRead More

The Simple 1-Click Green Screen? The Basic Filmmaker Explains How

Basic Filmmaker gets to the root cause of bad greenscreen on small sets – the LIGHTING! Although you should absolutely try to get your greenscreen lighting as good as possible so that the advanced tools in NLEs and compositors don’t have to work so hard – remember that there is some leeway in post. Don’t feel Read MoreRead More

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