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Heads above: the VFX of Sleepy Hollow

FX Guide takes a behind the scenes look at the tight deadlines and VFX work behind FOX’s Sleepy Hollow. Fox’s Sleepy Hollow is closing in on the end of its first season and has already been renewed for its second. The show features a diverse mix of visual effects work, from the hero Headless Horseman to matte paintings, Read MoreRead More

The Art of Digital Faces at ICT – Digital Emily to Digital Ira

FX guide gets in depth on the work Dr Paul Debevec at USC ICT and their work at creating the ultimate CGI rendering of the human face. Faces are the most recognized conduit of emotion. To quote John Cleese’s BBC documentary Faces, ‘We don’t put photos of our loved one’s feet on our walls and desks, we put pictures of Read MoreRead More

A Field Trip to Spectral Motion Studio – Film Character and Creature Creation

Join Stan Winston School in a “virtual field trip” to Spectral Motion Studio, the effects shop responsible for character and creature effects for movies such as Hellboy, X-Men Origins, and Pacific Rim.Read More

How a VFX Supervisor will save you a tonne of money

Hannah Newman-Smart explains how having your post effects team overseeing your production from the start will ultimately save you cash and headaches in the long run. VFX and SFX is the fun bit of filmmaking, right? Explosions that look cool and blow up everything on the screen, they can make Harry Potter and the Gryffindor Quidditch Read MoreRead More

How to make a 3D Portrait of Daniel Craig

Luc Bégin shows how he used the V-RayFastSSS2 in his personal project “A Portrait of Daniel Craig” He goes through the skin shading settings of the specular, diffuse and sub-surface scattering layers, explains how he used the V-Ray Blend Material and why he needed only a diffuse map to create this stunningly realistic rendering of Daniel Read MoreRead More

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