Day Rate

Where’s the Best Place for Camera Operators to Make Money and Find Jobs?

Evan Luzi takes some of the guess work about the average wage of a camera operator, where the most jobs are, and how much the industry is projected to grow. Now when I say “camera operator,” I’m using that term loosely. The BLS couldn’t possibly track every single job title, so as we explore this Read MoreRead More

7 Resources New Freelancers Can Use to Figure Out What to Charge

Figuring out a rate is a delicate dance between what you bring to the table and how much the client is willing to spend. Here are a few resources that can help solve the pricing dilemma. It’s possibly the most baffling question that faces new freelancers: What in the heck am I supposed to charge Read MoreRead More

5 Important Factors for Calculating and Negotiating Your Day Rate

Evan Luzi breaks down some factors that go into figuring out how much you should charge for a job. When you’re looking for your first job in the film industry, you’re rarely thinking about money. Early on, it’s all aboutgetting your foot in the door and proving yourself as a crew member. But after a few shoots, you Read MoreRead More