David Mamet

The purpose of drama, and its relationship to Cameron Diaz’s ass

John August (co-writer of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle) asks his readers to comment on this quote by David Mamet: “People have tried for centuries to use drama to change people’s lives, to influence, to comment, to express themselves. It doesn’t work. It might be nice if it worked for those things, but it doesn’t. The Read MoreRead More

How Old is Too Old to Be a Screenwriter?

by D.B. Gilles Raymond Chandler wrote his first screenplay at 56. He didn’t even publish his first novel until he was 51. For the record, he wrote the original screenplays for ‘Double Indemnity’ and ‘Strangers On A Train.’ In 1939, after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s career as a novelist had faltered, he needed money fast. He Read MoreRead More