Dark Knight

Hans Zimmer Soundtrack Mix: Dark Knight Trilogy vs Inception

Hans Zimmer soundtracks from The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception mixed together. TRACKLISTING: 0:00:05 Why Do We Fall – TDKR 0:02:00 Dream Within A Dream – Inception 0:05:14 Like A Dog Chasing Cars – TDK 0:09:39 528491 – Inception 0:11:56 The Fire Rises – TDKR 0:17:16 Molossus – BB 0:21:51 Dream Is Collapsing – Inception Read MoreRead More

A Sit down with the CEO of IMAX

IMAX, a huge name in theater projections, isn’t exactly a huge money maker. But things have turned around this year for the company largely due to the help of “Avatar”. Forbes magazine’s “Intelegent Technology” sits down with CEO Richard Gelfond to discuss the business and future of IMAX.Read More