21 Cinematic Title Tutorials for After Effects

Wow the audience with a larger than life Hollywood Blockbuster title sequence! We’ve gather together 21 tutorials showing how to create titles of some of the most popular films around which you can tweak and make work for your next film.Read More

Fight or Flight: Doug Richardson’s Battle over WGA Credits for the Film “Hostage”

Screenwriter Doug Richardson provides a candid look at the ugly battle for credit on a movie (which means money) and the WGA arbitration process. Ring ring. “Hi. It’s Doug Richardson. You’ve reached my voicemail. Please leave a message.” Beep. “Hi, Doug. It’s Susie from credits over at the Writer’s Guild. We have a decision on Read MoreRead More

The Art of the Title: Rubicon

Rubicon is AMC Original Series that follows a beleaguered and brilliant government analyst who, after being faced with a shocking tragedy, begins to uncover clues that could point to a complex and sinister consipiracy. To portray that paranoia, Creative Director Karin Fong studied infrastructure, battle graphs, and 70s psycho movies to craft the final version of the opening title animation.
Read More

A History Of The Title Sequence

Jurjen Versteeg designed this video as a possible title sequence for a fictitious documentary, this film shows a history of the title sequence in a nutshell. The sequence includes all the names of title designers who had a revolutionary impact on the history and evolution of the title sequence. The names of the title designers all refer to specific characteristics of the revolutionary titles that they designed.Read More

30 Movie Title Tutorials for After Effects

It has been awhile since we did an After Effects tutorial roundup. This time we want to focus on titles. Your opening titles maybe the the first impression viewers will have of your film, so you better make them count. Here are 30 Hollywood style After Effects tutorials to help and inspire you. Inception Tron Read MoreRead More

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