The Story of the Original Predator costume

Makeup FX legend Steve Johnson (GHOSTBUSTERS, SPECIES, BLADE 2) sits down with Matt Winston of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts to discuss his nightmare stint as Boss Films’ Creature FX supervisor on the first ill-fated PREDATOR suit, worn by Belgian martial artist and aspiring action star, Jean-Claude Van Damme. So Jean-Claude comes in for his fittings. Remember the cloaking device? Beautiful effect in Read MoreRead More

Meet the Actors Inside Classic Full-Body Costumes

Their appearances in film are iconic and yet you never see their face. Here are the actors behind some classic costumed characters. Dan Richter, the Ape from 2001: Space Odyssey (1968, dir.: Stanley Kubrick) Richter was a poor, vagabond mime when Stanley Kubrick plucked him from obscurity to choreograph and star in the remarkable “Dawn Read MoreRead More

Making Adam Savage’s Admiral Ackbar Cosplay Costume

Every year at Comic-Con, Adam Savage walks through the convention floor disguised in costume. This year, he went as a very uniquely regal version of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars. In Adam’s Cave before SDCC, we examine the Ackbar mask before it’s completed and explain its design, creation, and conversion into a wearable piece of Read MoreRead More

Sculpting the Alien Queen Head with Shane Mahan

Shane Mahan shows off his work on the Alien Queen in this behind the scenes article from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Character creators understand that when it comes to design, sculpture, mechanical and paint assignments, it’s all about the face. That’s what’s going to be seen on the poster. That’s what’s going to Read MoreRead More

What to wear and what not to wear when meeting with an agent

Choices, choices, CHOICES!! Jessyca Dewey gets some fashion advice on what to wear to your first meeting with an agent. …Sitting across the desk from an agent who may be interested in signing you, you’re selling that person on your face, your personality, and your talent. So you want to infuse your outfit with a Read MoreRead More