Film Editing Keyboards, Mouse, Controllers and more

Jonny Elwynn looks at some of the computer peripherals that can be useful for editors. As a film editor you’ll be handling a mouse, keyboard, tablet or other more exotic controller all day every day, so it is a sound investment to make sure you’ve got the very best tools for the job. In this editing Read MoreRead More

Who needs a Mac Pro when you can just paint a Trashcan

Ingenious Hackintosh builders stuffed the computer components in a trashcan and painted it candy apple red. What more could you ask for? The hardware inside: Core i3 (Haswell) Gigabyte z87n wifi Radeon 7750 SDD & HDD ATX PSU And some glorious photos of the mod (for more check out the forum post). The Authentics Lunar white trash Read MoreRead More

Steve Jobs on the Rise of the Personal Computer: A Rare 1990 Interview

Here is a full hour of raw footage from an interview with Steve Jobs in 1990 with NOVA. In early 1990 Steve Jobs granted a very rare interview to the makers of a PBS NOVA miniseries called The Machine that Changed the World. The producers of the series had a tough time getting Jobs to talk with them. They Read MoreRead More

What’s the difference between Consumer and Pro graphics cards?

If you’re building a new editing computer, what’s the difference between the top of the line professional graphics cards and a top of line gaming card which can often cost a lot less? How do you choose between consumer and pro graphics cards? Low cost and high performance are compelling with the lower-end products, but Read MoreRead More

RAID: Everything You Need to Know

Phil Rhodes explains the background and the latest developments of RAID systems (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) and how they are used in modern editing systems. I can’t wait until my computer contains no moving parts whatsoever. The first parts that fail on computers are fans, and the second are hard disks. They’re also comparatively Read MoreRead More

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