5 Tried and True Portrait Cropping Techniques

Ben Lucas shares 5 basic portrait cropping conventions to help you in your photographic compositions. Cropping a portrait properly takes a lot more thought than just putting their face in the middle. Here are five quick tips to ensure you get a compelling portrait. Crop Mid-limb, Not at the Joints When you crop a photo Read MoreRead More

What happened to the Two Shot?

David Boardwell laments the extinction of the two shot from western cinema but provides many examples of it popping up in Asian film. Of course two-shots are still with us, but they usually serve to set up passages of shot/ reverse-shot cutting. The sustained two-shot carrying long stretches of dialogue is increasingly rare in Hollywood Read MoreRead More

Composition Techniques for Widescreen Aspect Ratios

Aspect Ratio is one of many choices you make when deciding how to shoot your film. John Hess explains some basic tips on how to visualize your desired ratio and some helpful composition techniques.. EQUIPMENT USED: ikan MD7: 7″ High Brightness 3G-SDI Monitor This Lesson is part of our Course: “Every You Need To Know about Read MoreRead More

Where to Position that Horizon?

Composition can be a tough thing for the beginning filmmaker. Here are a few tips from the photography world on where to compose the horizon with some visual examples. Horizons can be quite divisive, both in terms of composition and opinion.  If used correctly, a horizon will either add to a composition or go unnoticed, Read MoreRead More

Leading Lines: Photography’s Most Underrated Composition Device

In the world of photography, leading lines can help the guide the viewer to an object of interest or create movement in a static image. There’s no reason why the same techniques can’t be applied to motion pictures. Check out this 4 part series on lines in photography. Never underestimate the impact that leading lines Read MoreRead More

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