What Goes Into a Color Grade for a L’Oréal Commercial

Senior Colorist Andreas Brueckl demonstrates the effort that goes into coloring a quick snippet from a L’Oréal Commercial using Baselight Video description below In this breakdown I show some of my techniques that I use for beauty commercials. I recorded the monitor output and edited the 30 min realtime-grading down to this 3 min clip. To be honest, I don’t Read MoreRead More

What an Estimate for a 3-Day $100,000 Photo Shoot Looks Like

Jess Dudely goes through the budget and estimate for a six figure commercial photography job. Here’s how I arrived at those numbers: Concept/Licensing: The agency came to us with four distinct concepts/ads, each portraying a specific product in use at home or in a business. The client had already selected the talent (real customers), from a Read MoreRead More

James Bond Title Sequence Director Daniel Kleinman on Being a Commercial Director

In this vintage interview with IdeasTrap, Daniel Kleinman, the director of the opening sequences for every Bond film since Goldeneye (except for Quantum of Solace) talks about what it’s like working in the commercial directing realm.Read More

Note to Movie Texters, the Alamo Drafthouse will Kick You Out

If there is any justice in this world, surely people who text, talk on the phone, or otherwise wave a bright object around in a dark theater should be put to death. Well the Alamo Drafthouse, a chain of restaurant/movie theaters in Texas, is doing the next best thing – removing them and their stupid phone off the premises.Read More

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