Comic Books

Why Comic Book Geeks Must Be Stopped (Before It’s Too Late!)

Comic-book geeks have invaded Hollywood and turned mainstream movies into an endless parade of overblown, juvenile drivel. Kevin Maher says: they must be stopped before it’s too late. I had a strange and disconcerting experience in a darkened Soho screening room in late November, in the year 2000. It was barely 30 minutes into a Read MoreRead More

Pioneers of Television: Superheroes

Superheroes crosses many eras: Superman in the 1950s, Batman in the ’60s, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk in the ’70s and The Greatest American Hero in the ’80s. They all fought villains, rescued the innocent and became role models. The episode features in-depth interviews with Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Lynda Carter, Lou Read MoreRead More

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines traces the fascinating evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman. From the birth of the comic book superheroine in the 1940s to the blockbusters of today, Wonder Women! looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society’s anxieties about women’s liberation. Trailer here: Watch this in full from PBS Read MoreRead More

Two Nerds Admit All the Problems With “The Avengers”

Sax Carr and Tim Powers of ‘This Is Really Happening’ poke holes in the plot of The Avengers for the sake fanboys everywhere. We’re huge fans of “Honest Trailers” and we were really happy to watch the recent Avengersedition the moment it came out. It is spot on, and we give serious credit to the writers Read MoreRead More