An Introduction to Color Concepts and Terminology

Oliver Peters breaks down some of the history behind color correcting and grading and the basic terminology. All of our concepts stems from the film lab processes known as color timing. Originally this described the person who knew how long to leave the negative in the chemical bath to achieve the desired results (the “timer”). Once Read MoreRead More

Determining If A Photo Should Be Left In Color Or Converted To Black And White

In our perpetual quest to find interesting images to add to your visual memory, we come across a lot of pictures that have been turned black and white. When your shooting photographs – the question of color or no color often pops up – here’s a few strategies from the folks at FStoppers on when Read MoreRead More

Blackmagic Announces DaVinci Resolve 10

Blackmagic Design just released the latest version of their incredible coloring platform: DaVinci Resolve 10. Here is a quick overview of what new in 10 and the press release below: Fremont, CA - November 7, 2013 - Blackmagic Design today announced the release of DaVinci Resolve 10, available now for download free of charge for all existing DaVinci Read MoreRead More

Introduction to Color in Digital Filmmaking

Color is a natural everyday experience – but how do you use color to advance your film? We’ll start by looking at how filmmakers in the late 90s began exploring creative uses of color. Then we’ll take a quick overview of how your digital camera captures color and some basic color theory. We’ll finish by Read MoreRead More

Is “Raiders of the Lost Ark” better in Black and White?

How would Steven Spielberg’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark”,  an homage to 40s serial adventure films, look if it were really shot in the 40s? From Flavorwire: 10 Modern Movies That Are Better in Black and White And now for an editorial note… As curator of our large stock of photographs, I see a lot of Read MoreRead More

Train Yourself to See Impossible Colors

Hiding in the shadows between the colors we see everyday are weird, impossible shades, colors that you shouldn’t be able to see and generally don’t… unless you know how. Here’s a simple guide to seeing impossible and imaginary colors. Understanding a little about how humans perceive color is crucial to seeing impossible colors. Our eyes Read MoreRead More

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