Color Grading

Film Emulation for Digital Video, Explained

This video examines film emulators, reviewing their common features and suggested uses. Film emulation is the process of converting digital footage to appear as if it was shot on film. This process works by matching the color values of digital footage to different film stocks. Film emulation can be achieved through stand-alone software, with plugins, Read MoreRead More

The Best Order of Operations for Color Grading and Why it Makes All the Difference

Noam Kroll explains the order of which you should approach color correcting and why it matters. With color grading software like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Speedgrade being readily available to just about anyone with access to the internet, it’s no surprise that more and more filmmakers are attempting to color their own footage. In many Read MoreRead More

How to Pick the Right Color Grading Software

Wolfcrow goes over the fundamental differences between the color correction applications that are available in your NLE or for relatively little money. Choosing a color correction software is not easy if you’re a beginner. In its simplest form, the question runs like this: “Which color correction or grading software will give me the best quality Read MoreRead More

How to Color Grade Video in Photoshop

If you come from a photography background and video coloring tools look intimidating – coloring footage in Photoshop may be a better way to coloring your motion footage.  Jaron Schneider shows you how: I decided to share this with you all after the other staff members mentioned they didn’t even know this was an option in Photoshop. Read MoreRead More

Editorial to Color Grading from a Colorist’s POV

Robbie Carmen explains the relationship a post colorist should have with the editorial staff. Like every part of postproduction, there is no such thing as “too much” communication between an editor and colorist (or other post team members for that matter). I’ve seen projects crash and burn over simple miscommunications between an editor and a Read MoreRead More

Creating the “Michael Bay Sky” in Adobe After Effects

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe breaks down how to create the cool lens filter effect that Michael Bay uses in almost all of his movies. Although in most cases this effect is created "in-camera", there are reasons you would want to do the effect in post. Once you see how to create this effect, Read MoreRead More

Color grading WORLD WAR Z

Captured on ARRI ALEXAs World War Z maintains several looks to evoke specific moods as Brad Pitt’s character moves from place to place in his zombie-battling endeavors. DI colorist Adam Glasman of Company 3, London, talks with Arri about grading the film. What was the overall approach to grading WWZ? It was obviously a very Read MoreRead More

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