Closing NAB 2013 Thoughts: Why Adobe Anywhere is the Only Tool That Will Actually Make You a Better Filmmaker

I have a confession. This is not so much a post about the Adobe Anywhere product as it is about my own recent  revelation after going through a rather major and important change in my life and career. I recently expanded out of the comfort of my home office and into an industrial space with Read MoreRead More

A Beginner’s Guide to Working Collaboratively with Fellow Freelancers

Sooner or later as a filmmaker you will have to contract with other filmmakers to get a project done – here’s some helpful tips for working with other freelancers. As a freelancer yourself, working with other freelancers is a great way to support the freelancing community. Plus, we freelancers better understand each other, the difficulties Read MoreRead More

Editing With TONS of People In The Room

Norman Hollyn reflects on collaboration in the editing environment. …As any commercials editor can tell you, one of the worst moments in our lives comes when the client, the agency, the producer, the director and seven or eight other people of indeterminate title and use, pile into the editing room to look at the spot Read MoreRead More