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Thoughts on Lighting & Shooting Interviews from a 40 Year Industry Veteran

The talking head interview is a staple of documentary and news production – Billy Campbell shares some insight and tips on how to craft better interview footage. Our good friend Billy Campbell, a working documentary filmmaker and creator of the Scorpion Light, is working on a series of lighting tutorials based on feedback from readers of this site. Read MoreRead More

Which Cameras Were Used on the Oscar-Nominated Films of 2015?

Keeping in mind that no camera makes a movie by itself, NoFilmSchool lists the cameras used for the films up for Oscars this year. This year’s Academy Awards is filled with exciting pieces of cinema, from the unique cinematography of Birdman and Ida to the peculiar aesthetic of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Though a camera Read MoreRead More

An In-depth Look at Amazon’s Transparent with Director of Photography, Jim Frohna

An Interview with Director of Photography, Jim Frohna, from Amazon’s Transparent, shot on the Canon C500. I wanted to take a moment to give a proper introduction of Jim Frohna and thank him for taking the time to write the following blog post and sit down with us for an interview. He shared his work Read MoreRead More

Breaking Down the Cinematography of “Inglorious Basterds”

Matthew Scott goes for a scene by scene breakdown of Robert Richardson’s cinematography for “Inglorious Basterds” Showing the general colours of a scene is great, but it’s also interesting to see that a “true” or 100% black point doesn’t exist in many of these shots, and the same goes for a white point. In fact, Read MoreRead More

Wild’s Cinematographer Yves Bélanger on Framing the Face of America

Yves Bélanger on what it took to lens Wild for director Jean-Marc Vallée which included quite a bit of walking backwards Director Jean-Marc Vallée gathered a lot of his favorite collaborators for the upcoming Wild, which comes out this Friday, Dec 5. This includes his fantasticmakeup department head, Robin Mathews, as well as his cinematographer Yves Bélanger. “I’ve known him twenty years,” Read MoreRead More

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