Chris Jones

10 Soundtrack, Score and Music mistakes made by filmmakers

Chris Jones runs down ten common mistakes made by filmmakers in the sound design and scoring stage of a film. The Music IS VERY IMPORTANT And so it follows that the composer is a key crew member – I would say their contribution ranks alongside the screenwriter, editor, DP, designer. In some instances, even greater. Read MoreRead More

10 Tips on Designing a Movie Poster

Chris Jones offers 10 tips for designing movie posters aimed at grabbing the eye of a sales agents, distributors or audience members. 1. The poster is NOT a piece of art… well of course it is art, and I love movie posters, they adorn my walls. But I suspect they never began life as artwork that Read MoreRead More

Top ten Reasons Why Film Makers Screw Up In High Level Negotiations

It’s time to cut a deal. This is the part of the process that makes it all worth it, but it’s also the easiest to screw up because, as filmmakers, we are in the business of making films, not negotiating our own futures. Chris Jones offers some insight into 10 things we screw up.Read More