Charlie Chaplin

“How to Make Movies” by Charlie Chaplin, 1918

Charlie Chaplin made this film in 1918 to show the First National Picture Corporation when he signed to produce movies with them. It plays like a “Behind The Scenes” feature. Chaplin never released the movie for the general public. It was hidden in Chaplin’s private vaults for forty years until he included some parts of Read MoreRead More

Stanley Kubrick on Charlie Chaplin and I Love Lucy

“If something is really happening on the screen, it isn’t crucial how it’s shot. Chaplin had such a simple cinematic style that it was almost like I Love Lucy, but you were always hypnotised by what was going on, unaware of the essentially non-cinematic style. He frequently used cheap sets, routine lighting and so forth, but he made great Read MoreRead More

The Story of Charlie Chaplin’s Shadow

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery… Hollywood must be good at flattery. This is the story of Billy Ritchie who donned the bowler hat and the toothbrush moustache as Chaplin’s shadow. Billy Ritchie worked alongside Chaplin on the English Music Hall stage, performing as the drunk in the classic sketch, “Mumming Birds”, just as Chaplin Read MoreRead More

Behind the Scenes of Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights” (1931)

A look behind the scenes as Chaplin directs one of the most memorable scenes in the 1931 film, “City Lights.” This particular scene was key in order for the blind girl to think that the Tramp was actually a wealthy man. Chaplin spent a year trying to figure out how to accomplish this, and ended Read MoreRead More

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